Jaclyn Betham and Tika Sumpter

Candace and Amanda are starting their day at home. Amanda expresses concern that her parents haven't responded to their threat of a lawsuit, but Candace assures her that they will. Pacified, Amanda says she's going to visit a design school, and starts to leave. Candace stops her and asks if she's seen professor Cannon lately. Amanda is immediately on guard.

"Why would I see him after what he did?" she says.

Candace can see Amanda is unsettled and asks whether she's okay. Amanda says she is and leaves the apartment.

Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

After Amanda leaves, Candace opens the bathroom door to find Jeffery getting out of the shower.

"Damn, I wish you were straight," she says.

Getting over his initial consternation, Jeffery says he's worried about Amanda. Candace insists she's fine, but Jeffery maintains his assertion that she has a very serious psychological disorder.

Candace changes the subject, saying her brother still isn't answering her calls. She notes how odd it is that Benny, a tow truck driver, would be away from his phone for so long, and she decides to go check on him. Before leaving, though, Candace tells Jeffery he needs to get a job, and hands him a newspaper. He catches the story of the double hit-and-run on the front page, and as Candace leaves for the day, he finds a single disturbing detail in the article.

"Oh my God," he murmurs. "A black sedan."

Allison McAtee, Peter Parros and John Schneider

At the courthouse, Jim and David meet with Maggie, their campaign manager. She gives them some news: Because the hit-and-run case has turned into such a big story for Savannah and the state, she thinks it's best to hold off the announcement of their candidacy for the governor's office. She advises them instead to take their families to the funeral of Lizzie, the little girl who was struck and killed, to show their support for the people of Savannah. Jim and David adamantly reject bringing their children, but they say their wives will be there.

At the Cryer mansion, Celine picks up the phone to find Hanna on the other end. Hanna asks whether Katheryn got her messages, and says she may need a few more days off. Celine lies and says she gave their boss the messages, but Hanna doesn't believe her. Exasperated and exhausted from her time at the hospital, she hangs up.

Allison McAtee and Adrian Bellani

In an empty Savannah storefront, Maggie is looking over the property with a man from the real estate office. He asks her what she's planning to use the property for, and she confides that Judge Jim Cryer is running for governor and needs a campaign office. The man is suddenly very interested and asks if he can get involved. Maggie tells him he can volunteer at the office—that is if they're awarded the lease.

"I'll make sure you guys get the building," the man says.

Just then, Maggie gets a call on her cell phone. It's Katheryn. Maggie tells her about Lizzie's funeral and the need for the Cryers and Harringtons to be present and to show support for the community. Katheryn clearly isn't happy about the plan but agrees to attend.

Aaron O'Connell and Gavin Houston

Back at the courthouse, Candace pays a visit to Jim in his office, asking why he hasn't responded to Amanda's lawsuit. Jim says he's not threatened by a law student who can't technically file a lawsuit. Candace switches tactics, telling Jim that "we" missed him.

"Who's we?" Jim asks, clearly fed up.

"The three of us," she says. "Me, my body, the baby..."

Jim doesn't take the bait, telling Candace his attraction ended when she got her claws into his daughter. He goes on to tell her that neither she nor his daughter will get Amanda's inheritance. Candace threatens to go public with her pregnancy and refuses to leave. Jim grabs her by the arm and throws her out of his office.

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Meanwhile, at the Cryer mansion, Jeffery arrives and asks to see Wyatt. He's curious about the black sedan mentioned in the newspaper, and asks Wyatt whether he was behind the crime. Wyatt breaks down, admitting that he hit the little girl and a tow truck driver. He begs his friend not to turn him in, and Jeffery reluctantly agrees, but he makes a mental note of the victim's tow truck.

Robert Pralgo and Jaclyn Betham

Candace arrives at Hanna's house to check on Benny and finds Hanna on her way out. Hanna won't tell Candace where Benny is unless Candace tells her where Hanna's grandson is. Candace says he's with his father Quincy, in Texas. When Hanna presses for more information, Candace gives up.

"This is b.s.," she says. She gets into her car and drives away.

Over at professor Cannon's townhouse, Amanda sneaks into the bathroom. Cannon slips and falls in the shower when he sees the intruder is not his wife. Cannon tells Amanda to leave, but it's too late; his wife has heard the commotion and is outside the door. Cannon assures her everything is okay while Amanda laughs. The lie works, and Cannon's wife leaves for work. Terrified, Cannon gets on his knees and asks how he can make Amanda's stalking stop.

"You have to die at my hands," Amanda says, no longer laughing. She goes on to tell Cannon that she wants him to feel all the emotions she felt after he raped her—and that he will.

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Crystal Fox

At Lizzie's funeral, Jim and Katheryn spot Hanna across the aisle. When Jim wonders out loud why she's there, Katheryn responds, "She knows."

The Rev. Waters begins leading the service and singles out Hanna in the congregation. He then tells everyone that Hanna's son, Benny, was hit by the same driver that killed Lizzie, and that he's in the hospital fighting for his life. Overcome by emotion, Katheryn approaches Hanna as the congregation files out, and Hanna manages to say she'll call her, and walks toward the exit.

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Outside, Jim stops to talk to the press, saying he supports both the community and the police working on the case. At Maggie's insistence, he says he's not running for governor.

Back at Candace and Amanda's apartment, Jeffery comes home to find Candace still trying to get ahold of her brother. He tells her he has some bad news.

"He was in a car wreck, Candace," he says, but he offers no other details.

Knowing that Benny would be taken to the county hospital, Candace leaves to find him.