Peter Faucette, Crystal Fox and Robert Merrill

At the county hospital, Tony is leaving after his doctor's appointment. Hanna is still in the waiting room—and still won't tell Tony why she's there. When a doctor comes out to update her on Benny's condition, Tony takes the opportunity to listen in. Benny is on life support, and the prognosis is grim. The doctor recommends that Hanna start considering organ donation. Refusing to concede defeat, she dismisses his advice, but Tony stays behind to speak to the doctor privately.

Eva Tamargo and Renee Lawless

At the Cryer mansion, Katheryn asks Celine if she's gotten through to Hanna yet. Celine replies in the negative and says that she believes Hanna may have relapsed back into alcoholism. Katheryn lets Celine weave a bigger web of lies about Hanna, and finally asks which phone Celine used to call her colleague. When Celine responds that she used the house phone, Katheryn pounces.

"I checked the call history on the house line. There wasn't a call to her," Katheryn says. "You are on very, very thin ice."

Celine comes back with a threat: "Now Jim is running for governor. It's not a good time to play games, because I could make all hell break loose."

Katheryn tells Celine to phone Hanna again, but the call goes straight to voice mail.

Robert Pralgo and Tika Sumpter

Candace is leaving her law class with an A-plus paper when she's confronted by professor Cannon, who demands that she and Amanda stop bothering him. Candace says that she had nothing to do with Amanda's visit but that she's happy her friend stood up for herself.

"She does it one more time...I'm going to hurt her," Cannon says.

"You already did," Candace says.

Candace confirms that Amanda dropped out of law school, and Cannon hands her a letter passing her through his classes. With the letter, she can graduate and take the bar exam early—and get out of Cannon's life. The professor walks away, and Candace is left with a decision to make.

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Angela Robinson, Renee Lawless and Allison McAtee

At lunch, Katheryn and Veronica meet with Maggie Day, Jim and David's new campaign manager. Maggie dives right in, trying to craft a sellable image of the Cryer and Harrington families. However, her clients' scant responses lead her to believe they're hiding something, and she tells them so.

"Pardon my brashness, but all families have problems—big ones," she says. "I just need to know that they're handled."

"Yes, they are," Katheryn tells her.

Maggie moves on to stylists. She tells the women they'll need to dress appropriately.

"You're too flashy," she tells an offended Veronica.

Having summarily updated the women, Maggie explains that she has to run and resume work on the recent hit-and-run case involving the death of a little girl. After she departs, Veronica and Katheryn both agree: They don't like the new campaign manager.

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Crystal Fox and nun

Back at the hospital, Hanna finds a sign for the chapel and goes in. Inside, a nun asks her whether she'd like to pray, but Hanna says she can't find the words.

"The only thing I can get out of my mouth is, 'Lord, help,'" she says.

The nun continues to comfort Hanna as she breaks down into tears.

Over at the Cryer mansion, Jeffery arrives in a cab and asks to talk to Wyatt. Jeffery asks where his car is, but Wyatt admits he doesn't know—he got into a crash and lost it while he was high. Furious, Jeffery tells Wyatt never to speak to him again, and gets back into the cab, with Wyatt calling after him.

Peter Parros and John Schneider

Over at the courthouse, Jim steps into David's office and asks whether he's found Jeffery and his car yet. David says no but that he's working on a solution—the car has a GPS tracker for cases of theft. Unfortunately, Veronica has the title and all the passwords needed to activate the tracker, and she still doesn't know about Wyatt's accident. David also can't call his son, since Veronica continues to keep Jeffery's phone deactivated.

Jim asks why Veronica is so upset with Jeffery. David confesses that Jeffery came out.

"Finally!" Jim tells his shocked running mate. "Everybody knows, David."

Hanna emerges from the chapel to find Tony waiting in the hospital hallway. He tells her that she needs to consider taking Benny off life support and donating his organs.

"I know you're on dialysis, Tony," Hanna says.

Tony admits that he does need a new kidney, and asks Hanna not to force his hand in the matter of their son. Misunderstanding, Hanna tells him to do whatever he needs to do.

Angela Robinson and Peter Parros

At home, David is searching his bedroom, looking for Jeffery's car title. Veronica enters and informs him that he won't find the title and, furthermore, that she won't turn Jeffery's phone back on or give him any financial support until her son starts living the way she wants.

"I need to talk to my son," David says.

"He knows how to reach us if he needs us," Veronica says, and she leaves a frazzled David still rifling through the room.

At the hospital, Hanna is watching over a comatose Benny. Michael, the grandfather of Lizzie, the little girl who was killed in the hit-and-run, comes in with flowers. He tells Hanna that Lizzie's funeral will take place the following day. He asks Hanna again whether she'll come to the press conference organized by the Rev. Waters, but Hanna confesses that she only has room in her life for taking care of Benny. Michael says he understands. Tony also comes to visit, and Michael leaves once he senses the tension between them.

"Didn't I ask you to stay away from us?" Hanna asks.

Tony says he's consulted an attorney—he's suing to take Benny off life support.

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