Aaron O'Connell and John Schneider

Katheryn is watching over Wyatt at the Cryer mansion when Jim comes in to wake up his son. At first, Wyatt doesn't remember what happened, but Jim reminds him: He got into a car wreck, and the sedan is missing. Wyatt explains that he was driving Jeffery's car the night before and that he can't remember where he left it.

"I had a dream that I hit this girl and that guy," Wyatt says, unsure. "Did I?"

"Are you ready to hear this, Wyatt?" Jim says. "A little girl is dead. A man is in the hospital because you wanted heroin."

Wyatt begins to panic, but Jim calms him down, saying they'll go find the car and tell everyone that Wyatt never left the house on the night of the accident.

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At Candace and Amanda's apartment, Jeffery hears Amanda laughing to herself in her room. When he goes to check on her, she says she wasn't laughing and, smiling, tells him she's suing her parents and quitting law school. Concerned about Amanda's bizarre behavior, Jeffery asks whether she's been taking her medication. Amanda gets defensive and shows him the bottle.

"One a day—I got the prescription filled on the first," she says. "You see? Do you want to count?"

Jeffery tells her no and leaves. Alone again, Amanda pulls out a scrapbook and starts scribbling over the photos, laughing to herself.

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Eva Tamargo and John Schneider

At the Cryer mansion, Jim and Wyatt come home without Jeffery's car. Wyatt goes upstairs, and Jim and Katheryn discuss Hanna. Katheryn assures Jim that Hanna won't say anything about Wyatt's accident, but Jim disagrees.

"She will talk. Anyone would talk," he says.

Jim then goes to make a phone call, but Celine interrupts him to ask for money. Irritated, Jim tells her he can't find his checkbook, and leaves for work.

The house phone rings, and Celine answers—it's Hanna, who has called to say she won't be in that day. Celine says she'll tell Katheryn, and hangs up.
Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

Candace is getting ready to leave for the day when Jeffery confronts her about Amanda. He asks Candace how much she knows about her roommate. Candace says that she knows Amanda cuts herself but that she'll look out for her. Jeffery doesn't accept Candace's assurance and tells her that Amanda is bipolar and borderline schizophrenic. He also warns Candace that she will only get herself into trouble with the Cryers if she keeps helping Amanda go after her inheritance. Candace brushes him off.

"Remember," she says, "I'm a bad bitch."

Meanwhile, Amanda is smoking outside professor Cannon's townhouse when he comes outside, surprised to see her.

"You're a monster," she says shakily, "and I slay monsters."

Cannon tells her to leave, but she begins to scream. Spooked, Cannon gets into his car and drives away, leaving Amanda laughing in the street.
Peter Parros and John Schneider

Jim enters David's office to find him talking with a woman named Maggie Day, a political consultant. David says he's just about convinced her to work as their campaign manager for their gubernatorial bid. Maggie says she has to get going; she's working with the current governor on the hit-and-run case, which is now all over the news, and so far she only knows a white man was driving.

Jim is strangely quiet throughout the meeting, and David asks him what's wrong after Maggie leaves. Jim says it was Jeffery's black sedan that hit the two victims.

"I think your son ran over that kid," Jim says.

David is immediately onto his colleague, saying that he knows Wyatt took Jeffery's car and that the suspect is white.

"I don't give a damn what you're going through," David shouts. "You will not sacrifice my son to protect Wyatt."

Jim breaks down into tears, and David relents and asks where the car is. Jim says he can't find it. David tries to call Jeffery but can't get through—Veronica has disconnected their son's phone.
Crystal Fox and Patrick Faucette

Hanna is still waiting at the hospital when Tony walks in. He says he has a doctor's appointment and wonders what she's doing there. When Hanna refuses to explain, he says he's coming by later to talk to Benny.

"Just go on to your appointment and get out of my face," Hanna says.

On his way out, Tony flirts with one of the nurses. Hanna watches closely and then asks the nurse whether she knows him. The nurse tells her that Tony is in all the time to receive dialysis for kidney failure. She also says he's a piece of work—he not only hits on all the nurses but also brings in his illegitimate children to see whether they're a match for a kidney transplant.

"That bastard," Hanna mutters to herself. "I knew it."

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Renee Lawless and Eva Tamargo

Back at the Cryer mansion, Katherine asks Celine where Hanna is. Lying, Celine tells her she doesn't know. Katherine says it isn't like Hanna to skip work, and asks Celine to call her. When Katheryn leaves to check on Wyatt, Celine pretends to phone her co-worker.

Meanwhile, Wyatt has been looking up the details of the hit-and-run online. When he begins to beat himself up over the young girl's death, Katheryn tells him to stop.

"You did not do this," she says.

"Am I going to jail?" Wyatt says, not believing her.

Katheryn tells him he's not going anywhere, and Wyatt begins to cry.
Crystal Fox and Lamont A. Coleman

Back at the hospital, the Rev. Waters comes to visit Hanna. She asks how Michael is doing, and the reverend tells her he's not doing well. The Rev. Waters explains he's holding a press conference to draw attention to the case, and asks whether Hanna will come and support them.

"I'm sorry, reverend," Hanna says. "I need to take care of my son right now, and it's going to take all the strength I have."

Finally, a doctor comes out to update Hanna on Benny's condition. He explains that Benny's out of surgery but that they can't get the swelling in his brain to go down. The doctor tells a distressed Hanna to prepare for the worst.