Tika Sumpter, Jaclyn Betham, and Renee Lawless

Outside the Cryer mansion, Amanda is having second thoughts about asking for her inheritance. After some persuasion—and a little reverse psychology—Candace convinces her to confront her parents.

Inside, Katheryn and Jim are arguing about Wyatt's accident and say they have no time to deal with Amanda's problems. Upon seeing the guest her daughter has brought with her, Katheryn tells Candace to get out and makes veiled threats to reveal Candace's affair with Jim to Amanda.

"Make your move," Candace says.

Jim tells Katheryn to drop it and that he and Amanda can discuss whatever she wants later. Amanda gives in and is ready to leave, but Candace tells her to grow a backbone. Buoyed by her friend's encouragement, Amanda asks for her inheritance. Katheryn immediately turns her down, but this time Amanda isn't taking no for an answer.

"Do it, Candace," she says. Candace hands Jim a document.

"What's this?" he asks.

"You're a judge," Candace says. "You should know when you're being served."

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Crystal Fox and nurse

At the hospital, Hanna is trying to find out any information about Benny. The nurse tells her that he's still in surgery and that there's no new information. Because Friday nights tend to be chaotic for the county hospital, they only get sporadic updates from the doctor.

"Look, it's crazy," the nurse says. "Friday nights, full moons—we see it all down here."

Just as the nurse tells an upset Hanna that she'll check on Benny, a paramedic wheels a gurney into the hospital, followed by a crying girl and her father. The paramedic explains that the patient is a 6-year-old hit by a driver who was under the influence.

"Did you call the police?" the father demands of the sobbing girl. She says that she did but that they never follow through on calls in their neighborhood. The father doesn't accept this excuse, saying he told the judge not to give her visitation of the now-injured child.

Angela Robinson and Peter Parros

At the Harrington home, Veronica and David are getting ready for bed. David tries to confront his wife about Jeffery's recent revelations, but Veronica brushes it off as a phase. David tells her that she's wrong and that he's very disappointed in her.

"I've seen you be so open-minded on so many other issues," David says. Veronica says she doesn't have a problem with gay people, just with her only son being gay. David tells her he's standing with his son.

"So you're turning against me too?" Veronica says. David responds that he's not turning against her but that he won't turn against Jeffery either.

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When Candace and Amanda arrive back at their apartment, Jeffery is waiting outside. Seeing that he's upset, Candace asks Amanda to go upstairs and make tea while she talks to him. Jeffery tells Candace that he came out to his parents and that his mother cut him off financially and fired him from his job at the rehab center. Candace tells him that he can stay at their apartment.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" Jeffery asks.

"Because you're finally being nice to yourself," Candace says.

Reverend, Crystal Fox and Jerome Ro Brooks

Back at the hospital, Hanna tells the father, Michael, and his daughter, Tina, that her son was hit by a car as well, and learns more about the 6-year-old girl, Lizzie, and her family. Tina is the little girl's mother, and Michael doesn't want her to have custody of his granddaughter. He accuses Tina of getting high and losing track of the girl.

A minister arrives, called by Michael when the police failed to show up to investigate the crash. The minister says that he called the chief of police and will try to find out more information from the doctors. Michael stops him and asks the minister to check on Hanna's son, Benny, as well.

"Does he drive a tow truck?" the reverend asks. Hanna says he does.

"The same man that ran over your granddaughter turned the corner and hit your son," he informs them.

"I saw him," Tina says. She tells Michael, Hanna and the minister that the man who was driving the car was at the same party she was, getting high. Since he looked wealthy, some other men at the party tried to rob him, so he took off in his car and struck Lizzie.

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Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

Back at Candace and Amanda's apartment, Jeffery is lying awake on the couch. Candace goes to talk to him and asks him to psychoanalyze her. Jeffery tells her she's always calculating and doesn't really care about anyone except those she can use. In response, Candace tells Jeffery about her cousin Steve, a gay cross-dresser who used to turn tricks and con men growing up. She says he used to flood the basement of their housing project to get rid of the rats, but there was always one that survived, which he compared to his survivalist cousin.

"He believed in me," Candace says.

Jeffery asks what happened to Steve, and Candace tells him that Steve fooled the wrong guy and that the man killed him for it. Jeffery asks her whether she worries about being caught.

"Jeffery," Candace says, "I fear nothing."

Jeffery tells her that her revelation is scary. "If you fear nothing, then you love nothing," he says.

Reverend and Crystal Fox

Back at the hospital, the minister comes back to the waiting room and tells Hanna that Benny is still in surgery and that no one knows whether he'll be okay. He tells Michael and Tina that Lizzie has died.

"We're going to get this guy," the minister assures them. "As there is a God, we're going to get this guy."

He tells Tina that he's going to take them down to the police office to file a report and that she needs to get herself together. Tearfully, Tina agrees. Michael tells Hanna that he hopes her son will pull through.

John Schneider and Renee Lawless

At the Cryer mansion, Jim walks in on Katheryn crying. Katheryn demands that he find a way to get Candace out of Amanda's life. She accuses him of being weak and in love with Candace.

"If I could fall in love with her just to hurt you, I'd do everything in my power to do just that," he says, but he insists that he doesn't love Candace. Katheryn demands that Jim handle Candace "for good" and get Amanda back under their roof. As he goes to leave, Katheryn turns on the television. The news is on, and the anchorwoman is reporting about a hit-and-run that killed a little girl and injured a man. Katheryn looks at Jim, realizing that Wyatt is probably responsible for the girl's death as well as the man's injuries.