Gavin Houston and Aaron O'Connell

At the courthouse, Veronica has just walked in on Jim and Candace embracing.

"Hello, young whore," Veronica greets Candace just as David enters. "I see you're up to your old trick."

Candace is unfazed by the insult and tells Veronica that she's insecure. Veronica counters that Candace can't sleep her way to the top, but Candace disagrees.

"I'm going to leave, so the threat will be gone," Candace says to her, "but as I walk out the door, your husband is going to have to try hard not to stare."

"Bitch, get your ass out the door," Veronica says.

Candace leaves, and David encourages Veronica to do the same, but Veronica says she wants to talk to Jim first. She tells him that if he doesn't tell his wife, Katheryn, the whole sordid story involving Candace by tomorrow morning, she'll tell her herself. David says it's none of his and Veronica's business, but Veronica counters that they've hitched their wagon to Jim and his gubernatorial campaign. If Jim goes down, so do the Harringtons.

At the rehab center, Jeffery is trying to revive Wyatt after hitting him with a golf club. Wyatt is enraged, but Jeffery tells him he loves him and that they can come out together.

"Jeffery, there is no us. I'm not gay!" Wyatt shouts, shoving Jeffery against the wall. He storms out, and Jeffery is left panic-stricken on the floor, calling after Wyatt.
Tyler Lepley and Crystal Fox

At the Young household, Benny comes into the kitchen for breakfast. Hanna suggests they take the day off to spend time together, but Benny says no. Hanna comments that Benny has been very quiet lately.

"Just sitting in that jail cell," Benny says. "Too much time to think."

Benny says he thought about Hanna and Candace and what would have happened to them if he had never gotten out. Hanna says she understands.

"I can't believe they actually tried to set Candace up like that," Benny says.

Hanna says that's the life she's chosen, but Benny points out that Hanna made her share of mistakes as well.

"You sound like a damn hypocrite," he says.

"What are you talking about?" she says.

Benny says that he knows what Hanna did. Thinking that he's referring to his estranged father, Hanna insists that she didn't want Tony to reveal to Benny his true identity while he was in jail. Benny is confused and explains that he was only talking about Hanna's past affair with a married man.

Benny takes a moment to take the information in. "He's my daddy?" he asks. Hanna says yes.

"That's messed up, Mama," he says quietly, getting up from the table.

Hanna begs him to stay and talk, but Benny says that he has to work and that they'll talk later. He leaves a distressed Hanna alone in the kitchen.

In another part of town, we see a room full of trash, drug paraphernalia and unconscious people. As we scan the room, we see Wyatt passed out in a chair, clearly having just used again.
John Schneider, Jaclyn Betham and Tika Sumpter

Jim stops by Candace's apartment and tries to let himself in with the duplicate key he made for himself from Amanda's master, but Candace has locked the door chain. When she finally lets him in, he says he wants to be with her, but Candace doesn't buy it.

"You talking all this bull, trying to get me to get rid of this child," Candace says. "Ain't going to happen."

"Can't fool you," Jim says.

Candace says she's finished with Jim and hurting other people with their relationship; she just wants $10,000 a month to take care of the baby.

"It's always about money with you, isn't it?" Jim says.

"Well, you have it," Candace says.

Jim counters that that doesn't mean she deserves it—or that she should be blackmailing him. Candace says she isn't blackmailing him, that he can say no if he wants. Jim says no, but he will pay for an abortion. Candace turns him down.

"I will take care of my own child," Candace says. "You are free and clear."

Jim goes to leave but then turns back to convince Candace to hop in bed with him, saying he doesn't understand why they can't be together. Just as Candace is pushing him away, Amanda tries to come in but gets caught by the chain. Candace lets her in just as Jim takes a seat and tries to affect a casual demeanor. Amanda sees Jim on the couch and asks what he's doing there. Candace tells her that he just stopped by to help her with an exam. Amanda doesn't accept this.

"I know why you're here," she says as Jim and Candace exchange worried glances. "To see how I'm living, to make sure everything's okay."

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A look of relief cross Jim's and Candace's faces, but Amanda is frustrated. She tells Jim he can leave.

"I'm sorry he used some ruse to get you to let him in," Amanda says, turning to Candace.

Candace plays along. "Wow," she says smiling. "She's got you figured out, huh?"

Amanda asks Jim for the duplicate key. Jim hugs his daughter, all the while looking Candace in the eye over Amanda's shoulder. "I love you baby," he says.
Renee Lawless and Angela Robinson

At the Cryer mansion, Veronica stops in to see Katheryn but runs into Hanna first. Hanna tells her she made her a cake to say thank you for her legal help with Benny.

"You don't have to thank me every time you see me," Veronica says, smiling.

"Yes, I do," Hanna says.

Veronica asks where Katheryn is and leaves Hanna in the front hall. Finding Katheryn in the sunroom, she tells her friend that she looks pale. Katheryn tells her that it was overcast on her trip. Veronica jokes that maybe Katheryn has had some work done, but Katheryn says no and tells her friend that she just needed some time away from her husband, Jim.

"I guess one of his whores has been keeping him busy," Katheryn says.

Veronica fakes astonishment. "Not Jim, the golden boy!"

Katheryn tells Veronica to cut the crap; she knows all about Candace. Veronica asks Katheryn what she'll do. Katheryn says she won't do anything.

"I've been married to him long enough to know that the more rope you give him, the greater his hanging himself will be," Katheryn says.

Katheryn tells Veronica that she knows Hanna is Candace's mother and that Amanda has moved back in with Candace. Veronica isn't surprised by the first piece of news but is shocked by the second. Katheryn says she's done trying to fix everything in her family.

While Katheryn goes to take a sip of her brandy, Veronica gets a panicked phone call from Jeffery. She says she'll meet him at David's office, assures Katheryn that nothing is wrong and leaves.

Back at Candace and Amanda's apartment, Amanda asks why the shower is shattered. Candace tells her that she hit it with her hair dryer and that someone will fix it tomorrow.

Candace hands Amanda a document and tells her it's her grandfather's will. Amazed, Amanda asks where she got it.

"I'm a law student," Candace says, smiling. "And I'm quite cute." She tells Amanda that she and Wyatt were named to receive a trust and should have received benefits when they turned 18. She says Katheryn is holding the money.

"So, how much is it?" Amanda says.

"Twelve million dollars," Candace says slowly.

Amanda is clearly thrilled and asks how to get it. Candace tells her she'll have to sue her parents. Amanda says that's fine; she can't wait to see her mother's face when she delivers the news.

"Well, let's not delay that look," Candace says encouragingly. "Let's go tell them now."
Aaron O'Connell, John Schneider and Renee Lawless

Somewhere in Savannah, a stoned Wyatt is struggling to drive Jeffery's car. Down the street, Benny has crouched down to move the bed on his tow truck. Wyatt loses control of the car and hits Benny. Wyatt speeds away while Benny lies in the street.

At the Cryer mansion, Hanna comes to say goodbye for the day to Katheryn. Hanna tells Katheryn she's looking much better. Katheryn replies that she's feeling much better too.

Just as Hanna goes to leave, Wyatt comes stumbling through the door.

"I think I killed him," Wyatt slurs.

"Killed who? What are you talking about?" Katheryn asks, distressed. She calls for Jim and tells him Wyatt thinks he killed someone. Jim comes in, looks at Wyatt and asks him if he's high. Wyatt says yes.

"How the hell could you be high right now?" Jim demands, pushing Wyatt. He tells Hanna to go home, threateningly emphasizing that she didn't hear anything. Terrified, Hanna leaves. Katheryn says she'll take care of Wyatt, but Jim says no. He pulls Wyatt out of the room, and Katheryn follows.

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Peter Parros, Angela Robinson and Gavin Houston

At the courthouse, Jeffery enters David's office, where David and Veronica are waiting.

"Mom, Dad," he says, "I have to tell you something."

Veronica says she already knows what he's going to say—it's about Wyatt.

Jeffery says that Wyatt took his car keys and that he doesn't know where he is. David presses him for more information, and Jeffery says Wyatt got the keys by pretending he was gay. David is confused as to how that would trick Jeffery, but Veronica is immediately on guard.

"Don't you dare say it," she snaps.

David says they've discussed the situation, but Veronica won't listen and goes to leave, but Jeffery reaches his breaking point.

"Mom, I'm gay," he calls after her.

Veronica turns back slowly. "You wouldn't even give me the satisfaction of leaving the room?" she asks.

David says it's all right, but Veronica says it isn't. She tells Jeffery he's being selfish.

"It's all right," David cuts in softly. "I love you anyway. Your mother loves you anyway."

Veronica looks coldly at David. "Speak for yourself," she says.

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She turns back to Jeffery and tells him that she thought Wyatt would straighten him out but that instead Jeffery fell in love with him. She goes on to say that she was the one who called Laura to tell her Amanda was in the hospital, knowing Laura would visit and draw Wyatt away from Jeffery.

"Candace was right," Jeffery says. "She told me that I needed to start living for myself. I'm tired of denying myself for you."

David tells Jeffery and Veronica to calm down and insists that they will talk about it further at home. Instead, Veronica tells Jeffery that she got an abortion in college and has lived with that guilt ever since. Later, after marrying David, she explains, they struggled for years to get pregnant and suffered through several miscarriages and one stillborn baby. Veronica said she thought God was punishing her until she finally had Jeffery, a healthy baby boy.

"Now I know that he's still punishing me," she says, "because you were the one that made it. How dare you be a homosexual. You are a man."

"I am a man!" Jeffery cuts in, screaming. "I am a gay man! And you need to be okay with that."

Veronica stares at Jeffery. "I will never be okay with that," she says, and she walks out of the room.

Sobbing, Jeffery hugs his father.
Crystal Fox

At the Young house, Hanna comes to answer a knock at the door.

"I hope that's you and you just forgot your key again. I've been calling you all day," she says, opening the door. She stops short to find an officer at her door.

"Are you Hanna Young?" he asks. Hanna says she is.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news," he says.