Peter Parros and Angela Robinson

At the courthouse, Veronica has just uncovered the truth about Benny Young's arrest. David apologizes and tries to hug Veronica, but she pushes him away. She demands that Benny be released from jail immediately. After making a few excuses, David caves in to Veronica's request. Veronica goes to leave David's office, but David stops her.

"You care to know why?" he asks. "Want to talk about this?"

"Talk about what?" Veronica says quietly. "Talk about the fact that the man that I love, the man that I have a child with, have been through so many ups and downs with, the man that's been by my side for 25 years is a graceful liar?"

David tries to explain, but Veronica tells him she'd rather have come home and found him sleeping with another woman. Now that she knows David is so good at lying, she can't tell how many of his words throughout their marriage have been true.

"I do love you," David says, taking her hand. "And I am truly sorry."

"That was graceful," Veronica says, "but is it a lie?"

At the Cryer mansion, Jim comes home to find Katheryn in bed reading. He says they need to talk and that Katheryn should have a conversation with Amanda. Katheryn says she's not ready to talk to her.

"Your daughter is falling apart right now in the other room because she is waiting to hear what you are thinking," Jim says.

"She is going to have to wait just a little bit longer," Katheryn says. She tells Jim that his coming to her is typical. "You leave them in shambles, and you wait for me to pick up the pieces. Right now, I don't have the strength to pick up the pieces for anyone else but myself."

"Well, you better find the damn strength," Jim says. "Get out of bed and go talk to your daughter."

Katheryn accuses Jim of causing Amanda's suicide attempt. Jim is hurt and confused, but Katheryn tells him that his affairs send the message that it's acceptable to use and objectify women.

"Everything that you are doing out there is coming back to you through your daughter," Katheryn says. Jim says that if it's his fault, it's Katheryn's fault too, but she says that's not true.

"I have done nothing but love you," she says. "I know you married me for my name and my family's good standing. And I know you're still with me just riding that name. I knew it then, and I have endured hell from you. But I swear to you, I will not let you leave until you have endured as much hell from me as you have given me."

Jim tells Katheryn to get off her high horse and go hug her daughter, but Katheryn tells him to leave.

"Love to," Jim says as he leaves Katheryn alone.
Renee Lawless

Veronica returns to David's office and asks why he called her there. David says she should open discovery on Benny's case, but Veronica tells him she already did that.

"How does the case look?" David says.

"Like he was framed," Veronica says. "Like the Mona Lisa. It's all perfect."

David tells her that she should personally go over all the evidence. Veronica is immediately on guard, asking, "If I examine all of this evidence and I find there are others involved, should I turn my back?"

David says no, rather that she should just look the other way. Veronica says she'll look at the evidence and let him know her next move.

David tries to apologize again, but Veronica dismisses it.

"I'll see you at home!" she exclaims in falsely sweet tones and leaves the office.

Back at the Cryer mansion, Hanna comes to speak with Katheryn and confesses that Candace is her daughter.

"Nine is your daughter?" Katheryn asks, shocked.

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Hanna is confused by the reference, but Katheryn tells her to forget it. Hanna apologizes and explains that she tried to raise Candace to be a good person.

"You spilled a drink on her," Katheryn says with a smirk. "You should have told me."

Hanna says that she wanted to, but Celine advised her to keep Candace's identity a secret. Katheryn cuts in, telling Hanna that Celine is "Four," the fourth of Jim's many mistresses. Hanna is shocked that Celine wasn't fired, but Katheryn explains that she likes watching Celine suffer.

"I enjoy watching her get old and be miserable," Katheryn says. "Jim won't even look at her, and she is devastated."

Hanna says she understands somewhat but that she'd never let her husband's mistress into her own home. Katheryn explains that she's rethinking her life and all the mistakes she's made, including Jim.

"There is nothing sadder than being in your 50s and realizing the man that you loved and adored was a thief to steal your youth," she says, breaking down, "and when you get old he would trade you in for someone else."

Katheryn tells Hanna that Nine—Candace—is sleeping with Jim. Hanna is horrified.

"How can you be so calm?" Hanna says.

"Because I intend to live long enough to see that the son of a bitch pays," Katheryn says.
Susie Abromeit

Laura bursts into the rehab center and demands to speak with Wyatt. She tells him that she didn't deserve the voice mail he left her.

"You stood me up; you won't return my calls," he says. "Am I right?"

Laura looks helplessly at Jeffery and then admits that Wyatt's accusations are true.

"You told me you weren't seeing anyone," Wyatt continues.

Laura is genuinely surprised at this and says she's not, but Wyatt says that Jeffery saw her with Bradley, a boy who went to their high school. Shocked, Laura turns to Jeffery, who confirms Wyatt's accusation.

"What are you even talking about?" she says. "Bradley has been in Maine with his father. He's been there for years."

Jeffery tries to usher Laura out the door, but she pulls away, telling Wyatt that Jeffery is lying to him.

"He told me that I'm bad for you and I shouldn't see you for a whole year," she says, bursting into tears.

"Are you really going to lie like this?" Jeffery asks her.

Wyatt looks despairingly from Laura to Jeffery and leaves the room.

Laura then turns on Jeffery. "I don't know what your problem is. You know that I love him, and I don't know why you're trying to sabotage this, but you're a mean person. You're a mean, cruel person, and I don't want you to ever speak to me ever again. You got that? Get it through your head!" She spits at him and storms out.

At the county jail, Hanna and Benny are anxiously waiting for Veronica to arrive, who is late. Veronica finally enters and tells Benny that he can go home. Thrilled, Hanna and Benny thank Veronica.

"Is this bail?" Hanna asks.

"No, all charges have been dropped," Veronica says. "Apparently, all the evidence went missing."

Benny kisses Veronica on the cheek, and Hanna gives her a hug before leaving. Veronica pauses a moment, a flash of worry crossing her face, and follows them out.
Renee Lawless and Jaclyn Betham

At the Cryer mansion, Katheryn calls Amanda into her bedroom to talk. Amanda asks if Katheryn is feeling okay, and Katheryn says she just needs some rest.

"I should be asking you, 'How are you doing?'" Katheryn says.

Amanda says she's fine and that Jim has already advised her to start seeing her therapist again. Though Amanda doesn't want to see her doctor, Katheryn tells her that she needs some kind of help. Amanda tells her that she does have help—from her friend Candace. Amanda goes on to say that they're roommates in an off-campus apartment and that she's moving back in today. Katheryn tells her no.

"I'm over 21; you can't tell me what to do anymore," Amanda says. Katheryn gives up and says that Amanda's right.

"Good," Amanda says, "because I'm leaving law school, and I'm going to design school." Katheryn says okay.

"Just go on and live your life," Katheryn says, settling back onto the bed, "while you're living your life with Nine—"

Amanda cuts in, asking what "Nine" means. Katheryn explains that it's the name she has for Candace and that Amanda will have to ask her what it means.

"And while you're at it, why don't you ask her where you can get a job," Katheryn says. "Because the minute you walk out that door, you are officially cut off."

Amanda is ready for the threat, telling Katheryn that she knows her grandfather left her a trust and that she should have received the money by now.

"So you really have been hanging out with that girl," Katheryn says, smirking. "I can see it all over you."

"I'm not afraid of you anymore," Amanda says.

"Darling, you don't need to be afraid of me," Katheryn says. "You need to be worried."

Amanda rolls her eyes and leaves the room.
Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley

Over at Hanna's house, Benny is home for the first time since being arrested. Thrilled to have her son home, Hanna tells him she's going to make all his favorite dishes for dinner. Benny says he's going to take a shower but stops by his bedroom to call Candace and tell her the good news.

"Benny, I am so glad you're out. I was worried sick," Candace says. "Did you make bail?"

Benny says no and explains to her that the charges were dropped because all the evidence went missing. Candace is clearly suspicious but doesn't ask any questions. Benny says he has to go but tells her he'll call her back. Candace hangs up, thinking carefully over what her brother has just told her.
Gavin Houston and Aaron O'Connell

At the rehab center, Jeffery comes in to tell Wyatt that dinner is ready, but Wyatt says he isn't hungry.

"I have not wanted to use as much as I do now," Wyatt says.

"Well, that's not good," Jeffery says, sitting down next to him. "We should talk about that."

Wyatt asks Jeffery whether he's lying to him about Laura, but Jeffery denies it. However, after some pressure from Wyatt, Jeffery admits that he did talk to Laura, but he says he was only trying to protect Wyatt.

"Do you know what the hardest part about being here is, Jeffery?" Wyatt asks quietly. "The loneliness."

Jeffery says that Wyatt has him to help with that and that everyone feels lonely from time to time.

"Do you want to sleep with me?" Wyatt asks.

Jeffery, shocked, asks why Wyatt would say that.

"Because I was hoping you did," Wyatt says. Jeffery says he doesn't want to, but Wyatt pushes further.

"Jeffery, I'm in love with you," Wyatt says, putting his hand on Jeffery's knee. "I don't know how to say it."

Jeffery becomes extremely uncomfortable and says he doesn't feel the same way about Wyatt, but Wyatt keeps pressing the issue. Jeffery says he can't come out because of his parents.

"They're not here," Wyatt says. "Just tell me."

"Yes," Jeffery whispers. "I'm gay." He goes on to admit that he loves Wyatt. "I saw you one day, and I just looked at you differently."

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A weight off his shoulders, Jeffery says that he feels better and that he thought that Wyatt was gay too.

"I'm not," Wyatt says slowly.

A panicked look comes over Jeffery's face. "Why are you doing this to me?" he says.

Wyatt says that he wanted to see how far Jeffery would take the situation and that he knew about Jeffery's attraction all along. He goes on to say he's going to get even with Jeffery for lying about Laura and is going to tell the Harringtons what has been going on.

Wyatt demands Jeffery's keys, but Jeffery pleads with Wyatt to let it go. The men grapple, and Wyatt gets ahold of the keys, but as he goes to leave the room, Jeffery grabs a golf club. He swings at Wyatt's head, and Wyatt crumples to the floor, unconscious.
Tika Sumpter and John Schneider

At the courthouse, Candace pays a visit to Jim's office.

"Thank you," she says without preamble.

"You're welcome," Jim says. "For what?"

"Helping my brother," Candace says.

Jim says he's glad Benny is out but explains that he had nothing to do with his release. Candace doesn't pursue the mystery but apologizes for all the drama she caused following their affair.

"I'm going to honor your wishes and never bother you again," she says.

"Candace, are you sure that that would be honoring my wishes?" Jim asks.

"Well, it doesn't matter now because they're my wishes," she says.

Jim pauses and then tells Candace that he misses her—and to lock the door. Candace says no, but Jim begins touching her, clearly not taking no for an answer.

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Suddenly, the office door opens and in steps Veronica, finding Candace in Jim's arms.