Crystal Fox, Renee Lawless, Aaron O'Connell, Jaclyn Betham and John Schneider

At the hospital, Katheryn and Hanna are trying to leave unnoticed when they run into Jim, Wyatt and Amanda, also on their way out.

"It's about time you get here," Wyatt says accusingly.

Katheryn apologizes for being late and explains that she left her phone on the plane on the way to Paris. She asks Amanda if she's okay. Amanda says yes, that Katheryn didn't have to come all the way back to see her, but Wyatt disagrees.

"It seems every time you leave, Mom, something happens," he says. Jim and Katheryn both tell him to be quiet.

"Amanda, what were you thinking?" Katheryn asks.

Jim cuts in, "Katheryn, let it go. She's had a rough enough day as it is."

Wyatt, Amanda and Jim leave just before Katheryn collapses into a chair in the hallway.

"I thought I was going to faint," she says.

"That's because of all the lies you were telling," Hanna scolds. "Your heart pressure went down while mine went up."

Katheryn says she didn't have a choice. Katheryn tries to stand and leave but is overwhelmed by pain. Hanna finally convinces her to use a wheelchair. Katheryn explains that she couldn't have let her family see her using one.

"They smell weakness, they sense it. If I'd shown it to them for one minute they would've eaten me alive. They can't see that I'm vulnerable," she says, breaking down.

Hanna says she's going to find a wheelchair and leaves Katheryn in the hall.

Patrick Faucette and Tyler Lepley

At the county jail, Benny is surprised to see that Tony, a man who goes to his mother's church, has come to visit. Tony says he just wanted to ask if there was anything he could do to help. Benny responds that the only way Tony can help is if he can get Benny out of jail. Tony says he can't.

"Mr. Watson, I know you from my mother's church. I said hello to you a few times, that's it. So what are you doing here?" Benny asks.

Tony says he just wants Benny to know that he's there for him. Benny asks Tony if he's ever been locked up. Tony says no.

"You have no idea what this is like for me, then," Benny says sadly.

"You're right," Tony admits. "But I do know this is a bad charge. I know you didn't do this."

Benny is suspicious. He asks Tony how he knows that, and Tony says he has a friend on the inside. Benny says that if Tony knows something, he needs to tell his lawyer, but Tony explains that he hasn't gotten any information yet. As soon as he knows something, he'll tell Hanna.

"You have to trust me," Tony insists.

"No offense, but I don't trust anybody besides my mother after something like this," Benny says.

Tony asks Benny about his father. Benny says he was a coward who left Hanna while she was pregnant.

"Why am I talking to you about all this?" asks Benny, growing suspicious again.

"Maybe your dad wanted to be there for you and circumstances kept him away," Tony suggests.

Benny looks dubious and tells Tony that they're not really close enough to be having a social visit while he's in jail, and to please tell his mother if he finds out any new information. Tony says he understands and Benny leaves.

Gavin Houston and Aaron O'Connell

At the Cryer mansion, Wyatt is sitting alone in the library when Jeffery enters. Seeing that something is clearly bothering Wyatt, Jeffery says that he knows Amanda's suicide attempt is taking a toll on him. Wyatt says he doesn't want to talk about it but is still upset. After some pressing by Jeffery, Wyatt finally admits that Laura stood him up and isn't returning his calls.

"Has she ever done this before?" Jeffery asks.

"Yeah," Wyatt replies. "When I first went to rehab she wouldn't call me back."

Jeffery points out that Laura and Wyatt always had a rocky relationship, but Wyatt says he thought it would be better this time around.

"Wyatt, she has someone," Jeffery says bluntly.

Wyatt is shocked, and Jeffery tells him that Laura is seeing Bradley, a boy that used to be on their school's wrestling team. Wyatt pulls out his phone and says he's going to leave her a message.

"No," Jeffery commands. "You shouldn't do things like this in anger, Wyatt!"

"I'm hurt, Jeffery!" Wyatt fires back. "Is that what you want to hear?"

Jeffery tells him that it's a big step to admit that Laura hurt him, but Wyatt is still confused by the news. Jeffery explains that some people have alterior motives, but he'll always be there to support Wyatt, and puts his arm around him. While Wyatt continues to puzzle out Laura's actions, a sly smile spreads over Jeffery's face. After a moment, Wyatt becomes uncomfortable and breaks away from Jeffery's embrace.

John Schneider and Jaclyn Betham


Upstairs, Amanda is getting ready for bed while Jim looks on.

"Things were so simple when I was a little girl," she tells her father.

"They're only as complicated as you make them," Jim says. "Tell me why you took all those pills."

Amanda hesitates before telling him that she's not doing well in law school and doesn't want to go back. Jim says that's fine, but Amanda worries that Katheryn will make her finish her degree. Jim says he'll deal with Katheryn. He suggests to Amanda that she go see her old therapist, but Amanda immediately says no, she's not crazy.

"Just because you're willing to accept help does not mean that you're crazy," Jim assures her. "All it means is that you're willing to sort things out, that's all."

Amanda says she can sort through things herself, but Jim says no, everyone needs help.

"Like you helping Candace?" Amanda asks.

Jim is taken aback and asks Amanda what she means. Amanda explains that Candace told her Jim helped her with her exams, and she appreciated his time and effort, which relieves Jim. Amanda tells him she wants to move back into her apartment, but Jim doesn't think it's a good idea.

"Amanda, you hurt yourself and I think that Candace is responsible," Jim says.

Amanda insists she's not, but he asks if maybe Candace said anything to upset her. Amanda admits that Candace snapped at her, but if Candace weren't around at all, she would have tried to commit suicide much earlier. Jim says he'll talk to Katheryn about her moving back and offers a compromise: Amanda has to stay at the Cryer mansion until her therapist gives her a clean bill of health. Then, she can move out. Amanda reluctantly agrees and Jim leaves.

Renee Lawless and Crystal Fox

In the master bedroom, Katheryn is getting ready for bed as well. Hanna, standing by the bed, hands her some painkillers. She explains to Katheryn that she can't mix the two medications on the nightstand.

"I wish I could stay here with you," Hanna says, worried.

"You've been by my side for days, Hanna," Katheryn says. "You need to go check on your son."

Hanna says she'll be back to check on Katheryn later and asks if Katheryn's sure Jim won't come in and find out she's sick.

Katheryn gives her a wry smile. "Once I dyed my hair bleach-blonde, and it took him three weeks to notice," she says.

The two women laugh and Katheryn asks Hanna why she doesn't have a man, but Hanna brushes off the question. Katheryn says she wanted to love Jim once, but he no longer feels the same way. Katheryn tells Hanna to go see Benny and Hanna leaves.

At Candace's apartment, Candace comes into the kitchen to find Jim.

"What the hell are you doing in my apartment?" she asks. Jim says he took Amanda's key out of her purse and that Amanda told him what happened.

"She told me you didn't say anything about me," he says. "I want to thank you for that."

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Candace doesn't want his thanks; Benny is in jail because of Jim. Jim apologizes. He tells Candace that Amanda wants to move back in and really enjoys living with Candace.

"But what she doesn't know is that you're so calculating," Jim explains. "I know that you could chew her up and spit her out without giving it a moment's thought because you don't have a conscience, as most sociopaths don't."

However, Jim goes on to say that he knows Amanda would be dead if Candace hadn't found her, and he wants to thank her. Candace tells him never to come back to the apartment again. Jim says okay and adds that he'll do whatever he can to help in dealing with their "little problem." Candace is confused, so Jim explains that he found the positive pregnancy test on Candace's bathroom floor.

"Let me say this one more time," Candace says coolly. "Don't ever come back here again. Oh, and leave the key."

Jim says that he might need it again, but Candace assures him the locks will be changed.

Aaron O'Connell

Back at the Cryer mansion, Wyatt is composing a song on the piano. Jeffery enters and stops to listen.

"It's good to hear you sing again," he says.

"I have nothing to sing about," Wyatt says miserably.

Jeffery says sure he does; if Laura doesn't want him other people still do. He says his mother, sister and father love him, but Wyatt angrily dismisses this.

"I'm talking about people who want to have sex with me!" he exclaims.

Jeffery smiles. "Okay," he says. "Me."

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When Wyatt explodes in anger and confusion, Jeffery laughs nervously and backtracks, saying he was only joking. But Wyatt isn't laughing.

"Don't ever kid like that," Wyatt says.

Jeffery leaves the room and stands outside the door, obviously upset at his slip-up. Back inside, Wyatt pulls out his cell phone and calls Laura.

"You know, if you never wanted to see me, you never should have come," he says fiercely. Jeffery bursts back into the room, just as Wyatt explains in the voicemail that Jeffery told him Laura was seeing someone else.

"You left her that message?" Jeffery asks.

"Yes, I did," Wyatt responds, and leaves Jeffery upset and alone.

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At the county jail, Veronica is fed up with interviewing Benny.

She turns to his mother, "Hanna, I'm not going to be able to help him if he doesn't give me some information."

Hanna begs Benny, but he says nothing. Veronica explains that she knows Candace is Hanna's daughter, and she'll give Hanna 24 hours to tell the Cryers the truth. Hanna agrees.

Veronica turns back to Benny and explains that it's an election year in Savannah, and every politician and law enforcement official will be looking to make an example of him. She then tells Benny that she won't disclose any information, but she needs to know what's going on if she's going to help. Benny finally opens up and says that Candace got the car from a rich friend who works in the law but didn't have a name. He says that one day she had $50,000 in her purse, and he found $50,000 more in a brown leather bag in her car. As Benny describes the bag, something dawns on Veronica, but she says nothing.

"I think the guy who gave her that car set her up," he says. "That's too much cash. Something about it wasn't right."

Benny then says Mr. Watson came by and told him he had a detective friend who knew Benny was framed. Veronica asks the detective's name, but Benny says he doesn't know. However, he explains that he saw a detective at the police station the day he was arrested, and the detective was looking at him strangely. The detective had a nametag that started with "Ran."

"Rankins," Veronica says, struggling to control her emotions. "Anything else?"

"That's all I know," Benny says. Veronica says she'll be in touch and leaves.

At the courthouse, Veronica interrupts a meeting in David's office and tells David's coworkers to leave.

"Where is it?" Veronica demands.

Confused, David asks what she's talking about. Veronica says she wants to know where the duffel bag is that she gave him for Christmas. She says that it's not in his car, and their staff at home already searched everywhere and couldn't find it. David tries to come up with an excuse, but Veronica tells him to stop.

"I have gone from being hurt that you lied to me to being angry, and now you're about to make me furious," she says.

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"Veronica..." David begins, but she cuts in.

"You've got that right," she says. "My name is Veronica. And because my name is Veronica you should have known that I would not sleep a wink until I got to the bottom of this. Now where is the damn bag?"

David admits that he doesn't have it anymore. Veronica then outlines how Jim was having an affair with Candace and she blackmailed him. To shut her up, David put cocaine in her car hoping to frame her, but got Benny in trouble instead. She goes on to say that she knows Detective Rankins is in on it, and Benny, an innocent man, is sitting in jail.

"Who told you?" David asks.

"You just did," Veronica responds sadly.