Peter Parros and Angela Robinson

At the courthouse, Veronica is still demanding answers about why David gave Candace a car—and why cocaine was found in the car while Benny was driving. No one answers, and David asks Jim and Detective Rankins to leave.

"I don't enjoy being made a fool of," Veronica says.

David says he wants to tell her the truth, but it's too complicated. He claims he's only trying to protect her. "I'm representing a client. I'm trying to solve a very complex and difficult situation with that woman."

"Candace?" Veronica says.

David replies in the affirmative but says the client involved isn't Jim; he claims it's a different client. When David refuses to say who it is, Veronica says she'll get to the bottom of the story one way or another.

"If I do all this work to find out you're involved in it, David, it will be hell to pay," she says.

At the hospital, Wyatt and Jeffery visit Amanda. Amanda says she's going home today and asks where Katheryn is.

"Still on vacation," Wyatt says.

Jeffery assures Amanda that if Katheryn knew the circumstances, she'd be at the hospital, but Wyatt and Amanda are doubtful.

When Amanda tells Wyatt that he's looking good, Wyatt says that he's seeing Laura again.

"Look at you!" Amanda says, smiling. "She's making you light up again."

"No pun intended," Wyatt says.

Jeffery angrily jumps in, chastising him for his off-color humor, but Wyatt lashes back and tells Jeffery to calm down.

Frustrated, Jeffery leaves the room. Once in the hallway, he cries as his emotions take over.
Gavin Houston and Aaron O'Connell

Detective Rankins has asked Tony to come and meet him at the courthouse.

"Do you know a Benny Young?" Rankins asks.

Tony admits that he does but is vague about how. When Rankins tells him that his name is on Benny's birth certificate, Tony admits that he's Benny's father. Rankins informs Tony that Benny was arrested for drug possession.

"No," Tony insists. "I know that kid. I've been watching him from a distance. He wouldn't do that."

Rankins says he never knew Tony had a son, even though the two men served in Iraq together. Tony tells Rankins that his relationship with Benny's mother is complicated. After some hesitation, Rankins tells Tony that Benny is caught in the middle of something.

"Just know that he's being railroaded," Rankins says. Rankins won't say by whom, but he tells Tony that the scandal goes to the top of the bench. Rankins says that he's going to work on fixing the situation and that he'll call Tony later.

At the hospital, Jeffery comes back into Amanda's room and says he needs to run errands. He tells Wyatt that another counselor will be coming to fill in.

"Good," Wyatt says. "I get a chance to get away from you."

Jeffery tells Amanda to feel better and leaves.
Gavin Houston and Tika Sumpter

In another room in the hospital, Katheryn, recovering from her mastectomy, is in pain while a concerned Hanna looks on.

Hanna asks Katheryn whether she would really want to know if something important happened while she was in the hospital. When Katheryn says yes, Hanna tells her that Amanda tried to commit suicide. Katheryn becomes extremely upset, bringing on another spasm of pain.

"Is she okay?" Katheryn asks, panicked.

Hanna says she's fine and explains that Amanda overdosed on pills but was found in time.

"How can that child be in so much pain that she wants to die?" Katheryn says.

Hanna tells Katheryn that Jim and Wyatt have been to visit Amanda and that she's on the same floor of the hospital. Katheryn says she needs to leave right away, but Hanna won't call the doctor. Katheryn demands to go home, but Hanna refuses and leaves to run some errands. Once alone, Katheryn covers her face and sobs.

Over at Candace's apartment, Jeffery stops by to apologize for Wyatt's behavior.

"He's a great guy, but he's got a lot of demons," Jeffery says.

"And you're his exorcist?" Candace says.

Jeffery says there are a lot of things Wyatt hasn't explored yet. Candace tells Jeffery that Wyatt isn't gay, catching Jeffery off guard. Candace says that she knows Jeffery is in love with Wyatt, but he denies it.

"Come out of the closet into the light and live your life," Candace says.

"Maybe you just don't turn me on," Jeffery says.

"Oh, please," Candace says. "I could turn on a dead man."

Candace demands to know why Jeffery is really at her apartment. Jeffery pulls out $2,000 and asks whether Candace will be his date for a few public events. Candace says she thinks the offer is his mother's idea, since she seems to control Jeffery's life.

"You've got to be miserable," Candace says. "You're in the closet, you're in love with a straight man, and now you're trying to buy an image for your mother? I genuinely feel sorry for you."

"I don't need your pity, Candace," Jeffery says. "And I'm not gay."

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Candace says she'll take Jeffery's offer on one condition: that he sleep with her.

Jeffery tells Candace to forget it and leaves.
John Schneider and Eva Tamargo

At the Cryer mansion, an exhausted Jim comes home and relaxes on the sofa. Celine comes in bearing a drink. When she starts rubbing his shoulders, Jim becomes visibly uncomfortable. She asks if she can run a bath for him—and join him—but Jim turns her down.

Celine says she misses their time together, but Jim tells her that their relationship is a thing of the past.

"We used to have so much fun when Katheryn was away," Celine says.

"Yes," Jim says, "we did. I remember that, but that was then, and this is now, and this is not fun."

Suddenly, Celine laughs, realizing something. She asks Jim whom he's seeing, explaining that he's not the kind of man who can go without. When Jim refuses to say, Celine says she won't stand for it.

"Who the hell are you?" Jim says. "You're not my wife."

After Celine presses him harder, Jim tells her their relationship is over.

"You don't love me anymore?" Celine says.

"Do you have any idea how laughable that is?" Jim says, smirking. "I never loved you."

Celine reminds him that he told her he loved her, but Jim says he only said that to get Celine to sleep with him. Jim then tells her that Celine is nothing but the maid to him—unless she has the good sense to quit.

"No," Celine says. "I'm not going to make it that easy."

"Okay then," Jim says. "Do your job; stop trying to seduce me, because it's pathetic."

Celine storms out.
Patrick Faucette and Crystal Fox

At Hanna's house, Tony stops over and asks Hanna why she didn't tell him about Benny's arrest.

"Excuse me?" Hanna says. "When have you ever cared what happened to Benny?"

Tony says he wants to be part of Benny's life, but Hanna tells him that he should have thought of that years ago. Tony says he's only trying to help, but Hanna demands to know what he can do that she can't.

"He was set up," Tony tells her as she tries to push him out. Tony says he knows a detective that told him the truth.

Shocked, Hanna invites him in.

"Don't play with me, Tony," Hanna says. "You really think you can help him?"

Tony says yes and that he'll call Hanna when he gets more information. When Hanna tries to leave to visit Katheryn, Tony tells her he wants to see Benny.

"I think it's about time he knows who his father is," Tony says.

"You want to see him now, at this moment when he is locked up?" Hanna says. "Oh, that's real smart, Tony."

Tony says that Benny needs him, but Hanna replies that Benny doesn't even know he exists.

"You will not destroy the only relationship that means something to me. Not now," Hanna says. "You stay away from my child."

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Tika Sumpter and Jaclyn Betham

Candace visits Amanda at the hospital. Amanda is clearly despondent and unresponsive. Candace tells her she doesn't know what to say.

"I've never been around anyone who tried to take their life before," Candace says. "But life is what you make it. You can't give up every time you get hurt or feel bad or—"

"Or raped," Amanda cuts in.

Candace tells Amanda that she knows what professor Canon did and that she's sorry. Amanda blames Candace for telling her to flirt with Canon, but Candace replies that she didn't know the professor would rape her. Candace confides that she was raped before too. Amanda asks if she was a virgin. When Candace says she was, Amanda admits that she was a virgin too.

Candace asks about the pregnancy test she found in the bathroom, and Amanda tells her that she's pregnant. Candace says that's not possible with her first time, but Amanda insists the test was positive.

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"It's obviously a false positive, okay?" Candace says.

"I hope you're right," Amanda says.

Candace tells Amanda that she should explain to her father what happened, but Amanda panics.

"No one can know about this," she says. Candace says that's fine.

"Thanks for being my friend, Candace," Amanda says.

"Sure, Amanda," Candace says, though she looks concerned.
Crystal Fox, Renee Lawless, Aaron O'Connell, Jaclyn Betham and John Schneider

Laura answers the door at her house and is surprised to find Jeffery there. Jeffery says they need to talk about Wyatt.

"It's very important to me that he doesn't relapse," Jeffery says. "I think that he will with you around."

Laura is taken aback and says that she wouldn't do anything to encourage a relapse, but Jeffery says that's not the situation. Jeffery explains that if Wyatt gets into a relationship that doesn't go his way, he can turn back to drugs. Laura is clearly upset, but Jeffery assures her that he thinks she and Wyatt should date, just not yet. He adds that Laura can't say a word of this to Wyatt.

"We were actually supposed to meet tonight at his parent's house for dinner," Laura says. "What should I tell him?"

Jeffery says that he'll explain the situation to Wyatt.

"I'm sorry," Jeffery says. "But this isn't forever. Just give me a year, and then—"

"A year?" Laura cuts in, shocked. She says that's a really long time, but she agrees to do what Jeffery thinks is best.

Jeffery asks Laura to ignore Wyatt's calls as well for his own good. Laura reluctantly agrees.

At the hospital, Katheryn is dressed to leave and sitting on the bed.

"This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen you do," Hanna says.

"That's because you haven't known me long enough," Katheryn says.

Hanna tries to get Katheryn into a wheelchair, but Katheryn refuses. She stands, obviously in pain, but insists on leaving despite Hanna's protests.

Hanna slowly helps Katheryn out the door. As soon as they enter the hall, they surprise Wyatt and Jim taking Amanda home.