Renee Lawless and Crystal Fox

Jim has come over to confront Candace about his daughter's suicide attempt and Wyatt's accusations that Candace got Amanda into prostitution. Instead of denying it, Candace eggs Jim on, who then bursts into the apartment and attacks her. He chases her into the bathroom and crashes through the shower glass, tackling her to the floor. Jim begins to strangle Candace but eventually gives up. While the two catch their breath, Jim sees a pregnancy test on the sink but says nothing.

"Get out!" Candace screams at him.

Jim struggles to his feet and leaves.

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At the hospital, Katheryn is getting ready to go into surgery, and Hanna is by her side. Katheryn is nervous, but Hanna assures her she will be fine.

"I'll talk to you when you get back from surgery," Hanna says.
Aaron O'Connell and Gavin Houston

At the Cryer mansion, Wyatt is still worried about his sister. Jeffery says he's sure she'll be fine.

"That's you—Mr. Positive," Wyatt says.

"The glass is always half full," Jeffery says.

Jeffery congratulates Wyatt on nearly being done with his rehab program, and asks what he'll do when he's done. Wyatt says his parents want him home, but he hates the Cryer mansion. Jeffery says they can talk to Wyatt's parents about letting him have his own apartment, but Wyatt is doubtful.

Jeffery says he might get a two-bedroom apartment and that they could move in together.

"No way," Wyatt says.

"Oh, come on," Jeffery says. "Be honest. In all the time that we've been spending together, there hasn't been one day that you've enjoyed being with me?"

"No!" Wyatt says.

Jeffery is hurt but says he's enjoyed being with Wyatt every day.

Wyatt seems to realize something and says he learns more about Jeffery each day. Jeffery doesn't quite understand, and Wyatt tells him that what he learns is like pennies in a piggy bank.

"They have no value...until I need to use them," Wyatt says.

Jeffery is still puzzling out Wyatt's words when Laura calls. Wyatt asks Jeffery for some privacy, and, reluctantly, Jeffery leaves.
Cedric Pendleton and Peter Parros

At the courthouse, Detective Rankins pays a visit to the office of Judge David Harrington. Rankins wants to know why David's wife, Veronica, has been calling him nonstop.

"Because she's representing Benjamin Young," David says.

"What kind of sick game are you playing with me?" Rankins says.

Rankins wants to know why Veronica is back in the courtroom. He brings up a past incident that happened before she stopped practicing law where Veronica almost cost him his job, and he reminds David of his promise that she wouldn't practice again. David tells him that he didn't know Veronica took Benny's case until it was already done.

"I won't go on the stand against her," Rankins says.

"You won't have to," David says, "because there won't be a trial."

Rankins is confused. David explains that he had a trial last year where all the evidence disappeared.

"Are you asking me to tamper with the evidence?" Rankins says.

"I'm not asking you," David says. "I'm telling you what has happened in the past."

Rankins says he won't do it.

"Then my wife is the last person you should worry about," David says.
Susie Abromeit and Aaron O'Connell

Back at the Cryer Mansion, Laura stops by to see Wyatt. Celine answers the door and doesn't recognize Laura at first but then says it's been a long time since Laura visited. Celine tells Laura that Wyatt was always better with his addictions when they were dating. Laura asks if Wyatt is in, and Celine goes to get him.

Upstairs, Jeffery gives Wyatt a friendship bracelet. Wyatt is confused and somewhat irritated.

"Thanks, but I'm good," Wyatt says, tossing it back.

"So you won't wear it?" Jeffery says.

"No!" Wyatt says. "What makes you think I want to be reminded of you?"

Just then Celine knocks on the door and says Laura is there to visit. Wyatt goes downstairs and hugs Laura. Jeffery is immediately on edge.

"Wyatt can't have visitors," he says.

"You know she's not going to bring me drugs!" Wyatt says.

Jeffery says he doesn't know that, offending Laura. Laura says she'll leave, but Wyatt tells her not to go. Jeffery calls Celine into the room and asks for Laura's coat.

"I don't want you to relapse, and she will make you relapse!" Jeffery says to Wyatt.

Wyatt and Laura both insist that won't happen, and Wyatt tells her not to leave. Jeffery says that if Wyatt won't follow the rules, he'll kick him out of the rehab program. Wyatt calls his bluff, and Jeffery storms upstairs.

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Seeing that Wyatt has won this round, Celine leaves to get Laura something to drink. Laura and Wyatt sit down, and Wyatt explains that Jeffery's outburst isn't about his sobriety but something else. Laura asks what, but Wyatt says he isn't sure; he's still gathering evidence.

"Evidence?" Laura says. "You sound like your dad."

"God forbid," Wyatt says. "But he did teach me the importance of building a case."

Wyatt tells Laura that he misses her, and she says she misses him too. They kiss.

Upstairs, Jeffery is seething over the argument with Wyatt. He calls Veronica and tells her that Wyatt won't follow the rules and that he needs her help. Veronica says she'll come over.
John Schneider and Jaclyn Betham

At the hospital, Katheryn is recovering from her mastectomy. While she rests, Hanna calls Veronica for more news about Benny. Veronica says nothing has happened and that she'll call Hanna as soon as she has more information. Hanna thanks her and hangs up.

Katheryn slowly opens her eyes, and Hanna tells her that the surgery went well. Katheryn tries to speak, but Hanna tells her to rest.

In another hospital room, Amanda wakes up to find Jim sitting on her bed.

"I did it again," she says sadly.

"Why do you keep doing it, sweetheart?" Jim says.

Amanda says she wants to make him proud but that law school is too hard. She says she's not like Candace. Jim asks why Amanda moved in with Candace.

"I just wanted to feel like a grown-up," Amanda says. "But it was a huge mistake."

Jim asks if Candace ever says anything about him to Amanda. Amanda tells him that Candace is always praising Jim's talent as a lawyer and judge and that it makes her feel empowered. Jim is surprised.

"She says that about me?" he says.

"Yeah," Amanda says. "She really respects and admires you, Dad."

Jim tells Amanda that she needs to get out of her and Candace's apartment. Amanda says she wants to come home.

"That's good, because your mom and I would really like to have you home," Jim says, smiling.

Amanda asks where Katheryn is. Jim explains that she's on vacation and doesn't have phone service but that she'd be there if she could.
Gavin Houston and Angela Robinson

Back at the Cryer mansion, Veronica arrives and is let in by Celine. Veronica asks where Katheryn is, and Celine says she's on vacation. Veronica is taken aback; Katheryn never told her that she would be out of town.

"Apparently, it was sudden," Celine says.

Jeffery comes downstairs, and Veronica asks Celine for some privacy.

"What's going on?" she asks Jeffery.

Jeffery stalls by asking Veronica about her case and whether she wants coffee. Veronica brushes his small talk aside and asks what the problem is with Wyatt. Jeffery tells her that Laura won't leave.

"His sister is in the hospital," Veronica says, "and you call me over here because he has a girl here?"

Jeffery insists that having no visitors is one of the rules. Wyatt and Laura enter and greet Veronica. Laura says she's leaving, and Wyatt walks her to her car. Jeffery says he can handle everything from here, but Veronica tells him to sit down.

"You do realize that the 14th will be here very soon," Veronica says.

Jeffery says he does, and Veronica warns him not to ruin David and Jim's chances in the gubernatorial election. Veronica asks if Jeffery has a date for the press conference yet, and he says he's gone out with a girl he could bring. When Veronica grills him further, Jeffery doesn't answer.

"We are depending on you not to embarrass us," Veronica says, "but to show up and be the man that we have raised."

Veronica tells him to find a girl and wear dark colors on the 14th—no florals or prints.

"Be a man!" Veronica shouts as tears roll down Jeffery's face.

"Yes, Mom," Jeffery nods.

"I love you," Veronica says.

"I love you too, Mom," Jeffery says as Veronica leaves.
Aaron O'Connell and Gavin Houston

At the hospital, Candace runs into Hanna at the vending machine.

"What are you doing here?" Hanna says, surprised.

"She's my friend," Candace says defensively.

"She is not your friend," Hanna says, thinking Candace is referring to Katheryn.

Candace says she's not there to argue with Hanna and goes into Amanda's room. A confused Hanna follows, but she stops short when she sees Amanda in the bed.

"What happened to her?" she asks.

"She tried to take her life," Candace says.

Hanna leaves so Candace and Amanda can talk.

"I should kill you myself; you scared me to death," Candace says to Amanda.

Amanda says she didn't think anyone cared, but Candace says she does. Amanda says that she didn't know because Candace is always so mean to her. Candace tells her that she was having a bad day and that Amanda needs to start standing up for herself. Candace asks whether Amanda has an inheritance or a trust, and whether she started getting any money yet. Amanda says that she was supposed to start getting her grandfather's inheritance when she was 18, but she doesn't think she's received any of the money yet. Candace tells Amanda to make her demands about what she wants in life and let her parents deal with it.

"You're too young to be unhappy, and you have way too much to be sad," Candace says.

Candace asks Amanda if professor Canon hurt her. Amanda admits that he raped her, and she reveals that Canon said Candace was an escort. Candace denies it.

At the Cryer mansion, Jeffery is watching Wyatt sleep from the couch. Jeffery slowly gets up and crawls into bed with Wyatt, his hand hovering just above Wyatt's hand. Just before Jeffery touches him, he changes his mind and gets quietly out of the bed. Jeffery goes back to the couch and lays down, with Wyatt still asleep.
Angela Robinson and Tyler Lepley

At the county jail, Veronica is pressing Benny for his sister's name. Benny had been driving her car when he was arrested. Veronica tells him he's looking at 20 years in prison if she loses the case, and she insists that she needs all the information she can get. Benny says no, refusing to sell out his family.

"Fine," Veronica says, exasperated. "Then I will pull the papers to the vehicle, and I will track her down myself."

Benny says to run the papers because Veronica won't get his sister's name from him.

At the hospital, Hanna is visiting Katheryn. Hanna tells her that the procedure was a success: Katheryn is free of cancer.

"Is Jim still alive?" Katheryn says.

"Yes," Hanna says.

"Then they didn't get all my cancer," Katheryn says, smirking.

Katheryn asks if Benny is out of jail yet. Hanna says no but that Veronica is working on it. Katheryn says she'll make some calls, but Hanna tells her just to rest and that she'll pick up some breast pads for Katheryn in the meantime. Katheryn says she wants implants, and asks Hanna if she got any after her mastectomy. Hanna says she did.

"They look pretty good," Katheryn says, leaning to get a look. "Why didn't you get them bigger?"

"Mrs. Cryer," Hanna says, chuckling. "I just wanted to look like myself. And I could afford these...I'm still paying for them."

Katheryn says she wants to get back to her life, but Hanna says the doctor recommends she rest for a few more days.

"What does he know," Katheryn says.
Peter Parros, Angela Robinson, John Schneider and Cedric Pendleton

At the courthouse, David asks Jim if he knows where Katheryn is yet. Jim says no but tells his friend not to worry; it's his problem.

Just then, Detective Rankins knocks. He says the evidence for the case against Benny is gone.

David looks satisfied, but Veronica stops in, surprising all three men.

Veronica asks the men if they can answer a question for her. David says it's been a long day and that Jim is tired from dealing with Amanda's hospitalization. Veronica tells them it won't take long. Veronica says she's been to the DMV and found a red Corvette registered to Candace Young. She then pulls out photos showing David delivering that car to Candace—the same car Benny was arrested in with 2 kilos of cocaine.

"Which one of you has been in the candy jar?" she says. She then turns to Rankins. "I'm sure it's not you, detective. You're below the pay grade."

Rankins looks insulted, but Veronica continues. "Honey," she says to David, "if it's not you that's sleeping with this whore"—she turns to Jim—"then it has to be you, Jim."

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