Tyler Lepley

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Across town, Benny is driving Candace's car on his way to pick up Darci, a woman from church his mother set him up with. Suddenly, he sees police lights in his rearview mirror and pulls over.

The officer tells Benny he was speeding despite the fact he was not. The officer then asks whose car he's driving. "My sister's. She let me borrow it for a date," he says. "I promise I won't speed if you can just let me go with a warning."

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Meanwhile, the other officer's police dog starts barking. Benny is ordered out of the car, and the dog uncovers 2 kilos of cocaine hidden under the seats.

Benny is arrested. "This is a lot of cocaine," the officer says. "We're talking major jail time."

As Benny is forced into the squad car, the officers nod at a detective—the detective David Harrington conspired with in reaction to Candace's blackmail attempt. The detective silently nods and sips on his coffee.