Eva Tamargo and Crystal Fox

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Later, at the Cryer house, Celine berates Hanna for not folding the towels properly.

"What's wrong with you?" Hanna asks. "Look, I didn't go into his closet."

Celine says this has nothing to do with Jim. Celine had previously told Hanna to stay away from all of his things. Hanna doesn't know Celine and Jim once had an affair.

Hanna says Celine seems more protective of Jim than of her own husband. "Don't say anything about Roberto," Celine says. "I didn't talk about the fact that your kids have two fathers."

Hanna says she was kidding and didn't mean to offend Celine. "No, you didn't mean to offend me; you just meant to destroy my livelihood," Celine says.

Finally, Celine cuts to the chase. "Are you trying to sleep with Jim?" she asks.

"Are you crazy?" Hanna says. "Girl, you need help."