Cedric Pendleton and Peter Parros

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Back at the station, David stands with the detective behind the two-way mirror. Candace is sitting alone on the other side of the glass.

"Are we even now?" the detective asks.

"Yes," David says.

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David asks if it's a solid arrest. The detective says it's airtight. David notes that 2 kilos of cocaine means a minimum 25 years in prison. The detective says he ran the arrest through the DA's office. "Good," David says. "Diana will ride this one all the way to re-election."

As David turns to leave, the detective says, "He's going away for a long time."

David stops and asks, "He? What the hell are you talking about?"

The detective motions to Candace. "She wasn't arrested," the detective says. "She's waiting to see the perp. He's her brother."

"Damn it," David says.

Hanna then enters the interrogation room. "She looks familiar," David says.

"That's his mother," the detective says.

"Hers too?" David says. "Well now..."