John Schneider and Renee Lawless

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Back at the Cryer house, Katheryn is surprised to see her husband home so early. "I don't suppose you've kept dinner warm for me," he asks.

"Darling, there is nothing in this house that's warm for you," she says.

"That's a good thing because there's nothing in this house that makes me hungry," he replies.

Katheryn asks how the campaign planning is coming along. Jim says David wants to announce soon.

"And what do you want? Besides the whore you just came from," Katheryn says. "I can smell her from here."

Jim wants brandy. She pours him a glass, and he asks if it's safe to drink. "If I wanted you dead, you'd be dust," she says.

Jim thanks her. "She must have been good. You're being nice to your wife. Remind me to thank her," she says. "So when does the dog and pony show start?"

Jim says he's planning to announce in a month. "We campaign shortly thereafter," he says. "And of course, there's the tap dance of the happy family."

Katheryn asks how much smiling she'll have to do to get him elected.

"I wish you wouldn't act so excited about this whole thing, Mrs. Governor," he says.

"Don't worry, darling. When the camera rolls, you will be the apple of my eye. But until then, you're the bastard on the couch," she says. "Don't forget to make your bed in the morning before Celine gets here. We don't want any whispers, do we?"