Does Candace's Neighbor Have Proof of Quincy's Murder?

Season 3 Episode 314
Aired on 07/05/2016 | CC tv-14
Hanna storms over to Candace's house in the dead of night to confront her spiteful daughter about putting Quincy Jr. in foster care rather than allowing Hanna to look after him. When Hanna gets to her daughter's home, Miss Pearl, Candace's nosy neighbor, intervenes in an argument Hanna is having with Benny.

After Pearl demands that Benny move his illegally parked car, she starts a conversation with Hanna about the suspicious goings-on at Candace's residence. "You know, I did see a man go in there, and he never did come out," Pearl says.

"Is that right?" Hanna says.

The nosy neighbor goes on to describe a man who sounds a lot like Quincy. "He had a terrible presence. It was evil. He was really scary."

Hanna begins to suspect that Quincy paid an unwelcome visit to Candace. As it turns out, Pearl may be able to help Hanna determine the identity of the man who never came back out of Candace's house.

"I have a lot of cameras around here, and they're on her house," Pearl tells Hanna. She even informs Hanna that she printed out an image of the missing man from her surveillance video as part of her own personal investigation into Candace's suspected wrongdoings.

Pearl tells Hanna to warn her daughter that she is being watched and would be wise to leave her neighbor alone. "Did I tell you I have a lot of policemen in my family?" she says.

Pearl then offers Hanna an opportunity to look at the picture of Candace's strange and unpleasant visitor, but only if she promises not to show it to the man leaning against his car across the street. When Hanna reveals that the man is her son, Pearl appears to be scandalized before retreating to her home, leaving Hanna and Benny to their own business.

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