Derrick Warns Veronica to Leave Him Alone

Season 5 Episode 520
CC | tv-14
Veronica begins to plot her revenge against David and enlists Derrick for a favor to get things started. However, Derrick is fed up with Veronica holding his criminal history over his head to get him to do her dirty work. When he speaks up, Veronica is quick to remind him that she can easily send him back to jail.

That doesn't seem to scare Derrick. "Some things is worth going back to jail for," he tells Veronica, locking eyes with her.

"Oh," Veronica purrs, her voice dripping with condescension. "You big and bad now?"

"Why don't you just leave me alone. Okay?" Derrick says, hoping to appeal to any shred of decency that Veronica may have left. "I'm living a clean, honest life."

But Derrick's plea falls on deaf ears. Veronica is not interested in ending their little arrangement, and she tells him that she'll free him from her service when she feels like it.

A murderous look crosses Derrick's face as he takes a step toward Veronica. "Well, let me tell you this," he says. "You know what I was in for?"

"Are you threatening me?" Veronica says, unfazed.

"If you ever call me again and ask me to go back to what I doing 15 years ago, yes," he hisses. "I am threatening you."

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