Derrick Offers to Help Benny Find Hanna's Attacker

Season 5 Episode 528
Aired on 10/02/2018 | CC tv-14
When Benny comes home and finds Derrick in the house, he gets into protective mode. Benny immediately questions Derrick and reminds him that he doesn't live there. Derrick tells Benny he just wants to stay until Hanna wakes up, but Benny isn't playing around. Benny begins to interrogate his mother's would-be beau about his intentions.

Benny initially assumes that Derrick is just trying to take advantage of Hanna, but Derrick assures Benny that he isn't. "I'm not trying to do anything or take advantage of your mother. I'm not. Where I'm from, and how I was raised, when you see a beautiful woman like your mother, you respect her," Derrick tells him. "I just want to take her out."

"You know that woman is all I got, right?" Benny replies with his arms folded.

"Yeah, I know," Derrick responds.

"So then you should know I ain't going to let nobody hurt her," Benny says sternly.

Things calm down when Derrick asks Benny whether he's okay. As the two finally sit down, Benny reveals that it was Candace who sent the man who attacked Hanna. Derrick is stunned that Candace would do that to her own mother, and his first reaction is to protect Hanna: first by not revealing the hurtful truth to her, but then by proposing something much more proactive.

"We can find him," Derrick tells Benny. "Make sure he never comes around here again."

"Man, who do you know?" Benny asks him.

"I was young once," Derrick replies.

"Oh, so we going old school, huh?" Benny counters.

Derrick chuckles. "Yeah, we'll find him," he says. "Make sure he never does this again."

Benny meets Derrick's eyes and knows he means it. "Yeah, I'm with that."

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