David Visits Jim with Intent to Kill

Season 3 Episode 312
Aired on 06/21/2016 | CC
It's a race against time when David hears that Veronica has been released from jail and is probably heading to her home, where a hit man awaits her arrival. David speeds to get to his estranged wife's home before Veronica does, but when he finally gets there, he's met with a crime and rescue scene. All he can see is a covered, lifeless body on a gurney being hoisted into an ambulance.

Grief-stricken, David speeds off, his blood turning cold. He drives straight to the county jail and speaks with the officer manning the desk, asking to be allowed into Jim Cryer's cell. David knows it was Jim's diabolical plan to have Veronica assassinated, and David told Jim that if anything ever happened to his wife, David would kill him with his bare hands.

The officer, however, refuses to let David see Jim. "The DA's office just told me you had your time with Jim Cryer," he informs David.

Prepared for this exact situation, David covertly shows the guard a stack of bills as a bribe. "I need one more visit," he tells the guard, who's now listening very carefully. "I need you to open the gate, open the cell, turn your back. Don't let anyone else in," David instructs him.

"Meet me around the back," the guard says. He does exactly as he was requested, opening the gate to the holding area and then opening the door to Jim Cryer's cell. Without saying a word, he walks away.

"What the hell is going on?" Jim yells as David enters the cell. In a blind rage, David proceeds to pummel Jim to the ground, just as promised.

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