David to Justin: "I Don't Like Anybody Mistreating My Son"

Season 5 Episode 520
CC | tv-14
David learns from Jeffery that it was actually Justin who trashed his condominium, not Veronica. Although David loves his son and has accepted him for who he is, David lets Jeffery know that he's not fond of how Justin has been treating him.

Justin walks in on their conversation and attempts to apologize for another one of his violent outbursts. He promises David that he will pay for everything, but David is not amused. The protective father wants no parts of Justin in Jeffery's life, but he concedes that Jeffery is an adult and must make his own decisions.

Still, David tells Justin that he'll be watching him—and doesn't mince words about his feelings for Jeffery's jealous lover: "The thought of you misusing my son makes me want to throw you off of that balcony."

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