David Discovers That Wyatt Is Still Breathing

Season 3 Episode 317
Aired on 07/26/2016 | CC tv-14
When David arrives at the hotel room where Wyatt was discovered and declared dead in order to ID the body, he is met by investigators on the scene. "We're wrapping up here," Detective Blake tells David.

"It's no longer a crime scene?" David asks.

"No—no foul play here," says the detective. "All the druggies cleaned up before they left, though."

Somberly, Detective Blake asks if David is there to ID Wyatt's body and David confirms. The detective then directs David to the hotel bed, where Wyatt's body lies lifeless. David slowly approaches the bed. "Can you turn him over?" he asks.

The investigative team turns Wyatt over so that his face is visible, causing David to recoil when he sees that it is, in fact, Jim and Katheryn's son, Wyatt. David becomes emotional as he processes the untimely death of Wyatt, a young man he cared for and knew well. When David touches Wyatt's body, he discovers that Wyatt may not be deceased at all: "He's warm—he's breathing. Call an ambulance, he's breathing!" David urgently demands.

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