David Calls Veronica Out For Bullying Their Son

Season 3 Episode 318
Aired on 08/03/2016 | CC tv-14
David was already at the hospital with Wyatt—whom he discovered to still be alive (though, just barely)—when he hears the familiar tone of his soon-to-be ex-wife Veronica insulting a doctor. David confronts Veronica in her hospital room, asking what happened to land her in the hospital. "Jeffery happened," Veronica tells him. "He stabbed me."

"Bobby Safeman," David says, cryptically, to his wife.

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?" she asks, hotly.

It's clear that Veronica doesn't remember the incident involving Bobby Safeman that David is referring to, so he recounts the story to her.

"Starting when Jeffery was about six years old, that boy Bobby bullied and pushed and harassed him for years, until he was eleven," David tells her. Although Bobby Safeman tormented young Jeffery, Jeffery never let on to his parents that he was struggling with the harassment that he was enduring.

"Even when I asked him, he'd say, 'I'm just fine,' and let it build up inside," David continued. "Then one day they were at little-league practice and Bobby said one thing too many and Jeffery took up a baseball bat and beat that boy into a coma."

Veronica, despite having defended against the lawsuit filed by Bobby's parents, still doesn't remember the incident.

David can't believe that she wouldn't recall such a traumatic moment in her own son’s life, prompting him to get candid with her: "You're just another Bobby Safeman, and you better be glad that Jeffery didn't have a baseball bat."

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