Charles Returns for Candace

Season 5 Episode 531
Aired on 10/23/2018 | CC
Candace is alarmed to find Charles waiting for her in her hotel room. As she soon discovers, the president-elect has not only come to see Candace but also to make her his first lady. Candace tries to dismiss him, but Charles has come prepared for the challenge.

"The room has been swept. Your phone has been scrambled until I leave. Nothing will work on it. Is this what's needed to deal with someone like you?" he says, grabbing a folder. "You've been a busy girl."

Charles reads all the intel that he has on Candace, including her role in Oscar's death at the hotel and her involvement in one of Benny's cases. "With what we've cleaned up and what you've cleaned up, you're going to make a good candidate," Charles says.

"For what?"

"First lady."

Candace reminds Charles that she has no desire to be his first lady and orders him to leave. However, the president-elect is determined. "That's not how this works," he tells Candace. "You've been chosen."

"No," Candace replies.

"I've chosen you."

Frustrated, Candace threatens to report Charles to a committee and give them all the information she has.

Charles remains unbothered. "You're cute. You really think that's how this machine works?" he says condescendingly. "You've got a lot to learn."

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