Charles Makes Candace an Unimaginable Offer

Season 4 Episode 418
Aired on 08/08/2017 | CC tv-14
Candace can't believe what she's hearing. Charles is telling her that he can clean up her sordid past, offering her a clean slate. In exchange, she'll be one of his female companions.

"I will not be a number," Candace says.

"Okay," Charles says. "Then be the only one."

While Candace starts to fantasize about becoming the First Lady, Charles reminds her that there's one "matter" to deal with first. "There was a murder and a body," he says.

"You can make that go away?" Candace asks.

Quincy's murder has been all over the news, making it too public to sweep under the rug. Charles, however, has another option. Candace can walk away free, but someone else—someone very close to her—has to take the fall.

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