Candace to Jeffery: "Get Your Head in the Game"

Season 3 Episode 310
Aired on 03/08/2016 | CC tv-14
After Officer Justin leaves Candace's house, Jeffery discovers that Quincy's body never made it beyond the backyard. With the corrupt cop threatening to investigate their suspicious behavior if Jeffery doesn't comply with his aggressive advances, Candace sees only one way out: Jeffery needs to use Justin's twisted lust to his advantage.

"This is our freedom, Jeffery," Candace says.

Jeffery refuses to have anything to do with Justin. "He put a gun to my head," he says.

"Your first time?" Candace says with a sneer. She sarcastically welcomes Jeffery to the "club." Having been threatened with death on too many occasions, Candace has precious little sympathy for Jeffery's mewling, and her face shows it.

"Do you know how many men I had to sleep with, who were hideous, to get ahead?" Candace says. As she sees it, Jeffery has no choice. He will use Officer Justin so that they can avoid a lifetime behind bars.

"He is crazy," Jeffery tells Candace.

"Then you be crazier," she says. Candace tells him that he must do it, and turns to leave. She needs to speak with Benny. However, she doesn't take more than a few steps toward the door before Jeffery calls her back.



"I can't."

"You will." Candace's face turns to stone, and she turns and walks away.

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