Candace to Benny: "I Know How You Can Make a Lot of Money"

Season 3 Episode 305
Aired on 02/09/2016 | CC tv-14
Benny is at his wit's end with his sister, Candace, who can't stop getting herself into serious trouble. After burying Quincy in the backyard, he tells Candace that he's washing his hands of her. Before he leaves, however, Candace tells Benny that she has a lucrative proposition for him.

"You never learn!" he says, wanting no part of Candace's new moneymaking scheme.

Pressing on, Candace tells Benny that it was Wyatt who hit him with the car, and that if he just sues Wyatt for pain and suffering, he could make millions. Realizing that the Cryers are his mother's employers, Benny asks Candace, "She knew about this?"

Benny is in disbelief that his mother would lie to him—her only son—in order to protect her deceitful employers.

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