Candace Threatens Hanna

Season 5 Episode 529
Aired on 10/09/2018 | CC tv-14
Candace pays Hanna a visit in hopes of convincing her to return Candace's ill-gotten money back to her, but Hanna has no such intention. "You're not going to get a dime," Hanna insists.

Candace continues to plead with her mother, but Hanna is quick to cut her off and lets Candace know that she isn't falling for her nice facade. When she tells Candace that she's going to give the money to the Cryers, Candace's amicable demeanor falters, and she begins losing her patience. Hanna's patience is wearing thin as well, and she tells Candace to leave.

Now, the real Candace shows herself. "Look, Hanna," she says, giving her mother a sinister look.

"There it is, demon. Come on out, Satan," Hanna replies, leaning in.

As the estranged mother and daughter go back and forth, Candace reiterates that she is serious about getting her money back. "You want to see how evil I can be?" Candace asks.

"I already have," Hanna responds. "I'm looking at it."

"Hanna," Candace says, "I promise you, if you don't give me my money, you will have a visitor every night."

"You did that?" Hanna says, stunned. "You sent that man here?"

"Last chance," Candace answers.

"You sent that man here?" Hanna repeats.

"Last chance," Candace whispers.

Still processing her daughter's cold-bloodedness, Hanna looks into her daughter's smoldering, malice-filled eyes, screws up her courage and says, "You ain't never gonna get a damn thing."

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