Candace Schemes with Veronica

Season 5 Episode 510
CC | tv-14
Candace has come up with a new plan to get even with Jim Cryer—but first, she needs Veronica's help. She calls Veronica and asks her to use her connection at the bank to open an account. "I want the account opened in the name of the Cryer Company," Candace says. "I want me as the only signer and registered owner."

Veronica doesn't know—or care—what Candace is up to. But if she's going to help Candace, she wants something in return. "I can do anything," Veronica says. "What information do you have?"

Candace tells Veronica that David bought a house, where he's living with Erica, the woman Candace secretly set him up with. Veronica can't believe that her soon-to-be ex-husband would move on so quickly and is floored when she finds out what neighborhood the house is in. "I wanted to live there," she says in disbelief. "I told him I wanted to live there, and he said it was too expensive."

Candace is clearly deriving enjoyment from Veronica's misery. "Well, you should see the place," she taunts. "It's beautiful."

She tells Veronica that she has the address. What will Veronica do once she has it?