Candace Quits the Game

Season 5 Episode 516
The prostitution ring Candace has been running out of the Artesian Hotel has finally started to take off. While Gia and RK are still learning the ropes, they're bringing in more cash now than ever before. So when Candace asks them to gather in her hotel room for a meeting, the crew is shocked to learn that she's leaving them.

"I can't do this forever," Candace explains.

"Okay, it's me," Rocky says. "You want to let me in on what's really going on?"

Candace let's out a sigh, but gives Rocky the truth. "I came up," she says, a smile forming on her lips.

How—and how much—Candace refuses to say. But before she walks away for good, she leaves her squad with some advice on how to run the game like she did.

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