Candace Is Being Watched

Season 5 Episode 505
Aired on 02/06/2018 | CC tv-14
After betraying Candace, Erica is desperate to stay on her good side—but she's walking on very thin ice.

"How does it feel, Erica?" Candace says.

"How does what feel?" Erica asks.

"To be out here, exposed, with nobody watching your back?"

Fear flashes across Erica's face. "Not good," she says.

"That's what happens when you cross me," Candace tells her.

Luckily for Erica, the one thing saving her skin is her connection to David. Candace is ready for their relationship to start paying off and orders Erica to get $100,000 from him. Candace then tells Erica to get lost, shifting her attention to Gia, her new protégée.

Candace is so busy handling her business that she fails to notice one crucial detail—she's being watched.

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