Candace to Landon: "Nothing Stops Me When Something Gets in My Way"

Season 3 Episode 309
Aired on 03/01/2016 | CC tv-14
Candace is out for revenge, and she won't stop until the millions of dollars that Oscar stole from her have been repaid. After roughing up Allyah and getting her to admit her complicity with Oscar, Candace turns her attentions to Landon.

Candace fools her friend into thinking she's introducing him to a potential date. However, after she gets Landon to his hotel room, they're joined by two very large, very burly men who look like they mean business.

Candace coldly interrogates Landon, slapping him across the face and bullying him into submission.

"Are you this person?" asks a shocked Landon, who can no longer recognize the Candace he once called a friend.

Candace continues to threaten Landon, pressing him for information: "You are so pretty, but they can mess up your face so badly that your own mother won't recognize you."

Landon admits that he may have unwittingly helped Oscar fool Candace by showing her a phony link that he gave him, but not for money. He thought that Oscar was romantically interested in Candace and that he was doing a good thing by setting Candace up with a handsome, eligible bachelor.

Convinced of his sincerity, Candace shows Landon mercy.

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