Candace Finally Learns What Happened to Her Son

Season 4 Episode 419
Aired on 08/15/2017 | CC
Candace is in her hotel room, where she's been hiding from the police, when there's a knock on her door. It's Charles, and Candace isn't in the mood to see him.

His visit, however, has nothing to do with the proposition he made to Candace earlier. "It's about your son," Charles says.

"What about my son?" Candace snaps.

"I was asked to speak about gun violence," the senator explains. "And your son was the child caught in the crossfire."

Candace is in shock as Charles further explains that Quincy Jr. was shot at a motel.

"Is he okay?" she asks.

"No, he's not gonna make it."

Charles attempts to comfort Candace, but she screams at him to get out. She knows that she is the person War was after—not her innocent son.

"What did I do?" Candace cries. "What did I do?"

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