Candace Fears War: "Mitch, He'll Kill Me"

Season 3 Episode 318
Aired on 08/03/2016 | CC tv-14
Candace and Erica have a stakeout: They follow Oscar's car in hopes that they'll find clues that will reveal to them for whom he's working. They park just behind his car, on the opposite side of the street. "Is that his car?" asks Candace. Erica confirms that it is.

Oscar is parked in front of Jim Cryer's headquarters, leading Candace to suspect that Jim orchestrated the entire operation that led to Candace being extorted of millions by Oscar.

"But, Jim's in jail, so, who would he be here meeting?" Candace wonders.

Just then, Mitch surprises Candace at the passenger-side window of the car that the ladies are in. "What are y'all ladies doing?" He asks, playfully.

"What the hell? What are you doing around here?" Candace asks.

Mitch acts as though he has no concrete reason for being in that particular part of town, but Candace doesn't believe him. Then Mitch tells Candace and Erica that he's there because David Harrington has been meddling with the phones at the tow yard to teach Benny a lesson after Benny had an affair with Veronica. "Veronica. Really," says Candace—who's just now hearing about the affair—through gritted teeth.

Then, Mitch changes the subject, "Did you hear what happened to War?" he asks. "Boy got popped...yeah, they found a bunch of drugs in his car, two mil in cash," he tells them. "Somebody's looking out for you, kid," he says to Candace.

Candace begins to suspect that Mitch had a hand in getting War thrown in jail. "Mitch, please tell me you didn't do this for me," she pleads with him with a renewed sense of terror. "Mitch, he'll kill me."

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