Candace Explains Her History with Mama Rose

Season 4 Episode 421
Aired on 08/29/2017 | CC tv-14
Ever since Mama Rose found out that War shot at her grandson, Mitch, she's been out for revenge. So, when Candace was able to lure War into one of Mama Rose's restaurants, Mama Rose was more than happy to set up the ambush.

After the shoot-out, Mitch tells Candace that Mama Rose is going to want to thank her. Candace immediately declines and reveals that she has history with Mitch's powerful family.

"She kidnapped me," Candace says. "For Jim Cryer. She threatened me to leave him alone. I didn't know where I was until I was sitting in that restaurant. And then I remembered in the basement hearing all those people upstairs laughing and having a good time."

Mitch tells Candace she's lucky—usually when Mama Rose takes someone into her basement, that person doesn't come out.

While Candace may want to keep her distance, Mitch reminds Candace that Mama Rose owes her now. "You never know," he says. "One day, it might come in handy."

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