Candace Ditches Dinner with Charles

Season 5 Episode 532
Aired on 10/30/2018 | CC tv-14
Following an intimidating conversation with Landon, Candace musters up the strength to go to dinner with Charles. Upon her arrival, Charles is delighted to see Candace—but she is far from excited to see him.

"Wow, you, uh—you look stunning," Charles tells her.

"Good, since I was forced to be here," Candace says.

Charles politely protests, but Candace continues. "Well, then you should tell that to Landon and your other flunkies."

Changing the subject, Charles asks Candace how she's doing. However, she's ready to get their dinner over with. "Can I have some wine please?" she asks defiantly. "The bottle?"

Charles tells Candace that they are being watched, but that doesn't faze her. "You want me? This is me," Candace answers. "You should be glad I'm not ordering the entire bar."

Charles changes tack and tells Candace that their dinner date was a bad idea, suggesting that they should go their separate ways after they finish their meal. Candace seems relieved, but she can't help but test Charles. "Can I just leave now?" Candace asks.


Candace gets up and moves toward the exit, but she suddenly stops, turns back toward the table and seats herself again. "What will you do if I leave?" she asks Charles.

Charles seems puzzled by the question and tells Candace that she is free to go, but Candace remains unconvinced and asks Charles about the girl Landon told her about. "What other girl?" Charles asks.

Candace explains that Landon told her about another girl who declined their offer to be a first lady and that things didn't fare well for her in the end. "Candace, are you afraid?" Charles asks her.

"No, I'm not," Candace says unconvincingly.

"Then leave," Charles says, "and don't think about what he said at all."



Tentatively, and with a heavy sigh, Candace gathers her clutch and once again moves toward the exit.

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