Broderick Attempts to Blackmail Katheryn

Season 5 Episode 533
Aired on 11/06/2018 | CC tv-14
Katheryn indulges in another one of her "meetings" with Broderick in an unoccupied room at her hotel, but just when they are about to get started, Broderick drops a bombshell: "You know that prostitution ring? Well, I run it."

At first, Katheryn chuckles and doesn't take him seriously, but Broderick continues. "I have a partner. I think you might know her," he says.

"What are you saying?" Katheryn asks, rising to her feet, the mirth now completely drained from her demeanor as ice-cold understanding rushes in to fill the void.

"Her name is Candace Young, and we run it from the bar," Broderick says.

"Ugh, you've got to be kidding," Katheryn sighs in disgust. "You're fired."

Broderick calmly claims the contrary and reveals the true reason he slept with her. "The truth is I'm running a business," he says. "I needed to have something on you to make sure you couldn't put her out of the hotel, fire me or the bartenders. I'm sorry."

Katheryn takes it in and prepares to leave. "Like I said, you're fired."

"Katheryn, I might have to sue you for sexual harassment," Broderick says, making his threat clear to the hotel owner.

However, Katheryn is unfazed. "Little boy, do you have any idea who you're trying to blackmail?" she says, walking toward him. "That girl may think she can blackmail my husband, but I'm the kind of bitch who'll just have you murdered or shoot you myself."

With the tables turned, Katheryn begins to undress. "What are you doing?" Broderick asks her, breaking his cowed silence.

"I'm getting what I came here for, and then, we can discuss this little ring of yours," Katheryn replies. "Take your clothes off. Now."

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