Benny Rescues Quincy Jr.

Season 2
Aired on 08/04/2015 | CC tv-14
Benny has discovered where Quincy has been hiding his nephew, and he'll stop at nothing to get him back. After staking out the apartment building, Benny kicks down the door and demands to see his nephew.

Quincy's sister, Quita, tells Benny that the boy's not there, and jumps on his back to stop him. Pushing her aside, Benny searches the apartment.

Benny finds his nephew sitting in one of the bedrooms. After promising to protect him, Quincy Jr. agrees to go with Benny.

"You ain't taking him nowhere!" Quita screams at Benny.

"Shut up and move right now!" Benny demands as he carries Quincy Jr. out of the house.

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