Benny Makes a Dangerous Deal

Season 5 Episode 507
Aired on 02/20/2018 | CC tv-14
Benny's dreams of owning his own business were crushed when the bank repossessed his tow truck. Desperate to get back what he lost, he asks Mitch to set up a meeting with his powerful family so that he can ask for a loan. Mitch warns Benny that it's a bad idea, but he arranges a sit-down with his Uncle Vin.

Uncle Vin agrees to loan Benny the $45,000 he needs for his new tow truck, but lays down some hefty conditions: 25 percent interest. "I want payments in cash," he says. "Eighteen grand every six months."

With no other options, Benny agrees to the outrageous terms and takes his stacks of cash. Nervously, he asks whether he needs to sign something.

"The only ink that runs around here is blood," Uncle Vin says. "You better remember that."

Benny and Mitch turn to leave, but Mitch stops short and gives his friend one last chance to change his mind. "It's easy to get. I'm telling you it's hard as hell to pay off," Mitch warns. "Hey, man, you know once we walk out this door, I can't call it off. You're sure?"

"I'm in it," Benny assures him.

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