Benny Busts Candace with His Money

Season 5 Episode 527
Aired on 09/11/2018 | CC
Benny has had it with Candace's shenanigans. After learning about the home invasion from Hanna, Benny storms over to the Artesian Hotel to confront his conniving sister about her recent actions. Candace denies knowing anything about what happened to her mother and, adding insult to injury, demands that Hanna return her money.

Benny's patience is wearing thin, and he reveals to Candace that the money he owes to the Malones was stolen too. "You are going to listen to me loud and clear. Open your ears up," he tells his sister. "Who is that dude that went to the house? That's what I need to know, okay? He stole $45,000 from me."

Candace nonchalantly continues to act like she doesn't know what Benny is talking about, even though she is the mastermind behind the incident.

"Candace, I borrowed that money to buy the tow truck," Benny says, his voice heavy with desperation.

"You're talking 45K, and I'm talking millions," Candace replies. And, seeing her brother's distress as a leverage point, she continues to stick to her story despite his increasingly urgent and incredulous interrogation.

As their conversation escalates, Benny tells Candace that he's taking her out of the hotel and begins to roughly pack up her belongings. As they scuffle over some garments Benny has pulled from a drawer, a thick stack of blood-stained bills—the money that was stolen from Benny—tumbles from its hiding place onto the floor of the hotel room. Silence descends on the siblings, who can only stare at each other, perhaps seeing each other clearly for the first time.

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