Candace Attacks Allyah

Season 3 Episode 307
Aired on 02/16/2016 | CC tv-14
Candace knows that her life depends on whether she can pay back Warlock the millions of dollars that she owes him. And time is running out. Candace is determined to get her money back from Oscar, who wooed her in order to swindle away her fortune. Now, Candace is out for blood, and she enlists the help of a trusted friend to help her come up with a plan.

Candace is convinced that Oscar had worked with someone else in order to get into her bank account and enabling him to steal millions of dollars from her. She retraces her steps and remembers that both Allyah, Quincy Jr.'s child welfare caseworker, and Landon, the Cryer-Harrington campaign worker, had acted suspiciously and were the only ones who could have aided Oscar in getting the information he needed from Candace.

Now, it's Candace's turn to get some information from them, but her technique is much more hands-on. She invites Allyah over to ask her a few questions. Allyah is blindsided when the conversation shifts from Quincy Jr.'s well-being to something much more insidious. Candace wants to know how much Oscar paid Allyah for her help, but Allyah doesn't seem to understand Candace's line of questioning.

"Right now I'm going to ask you a few questions, and depending on how you answer them determines how you will walk out that door," Candace says menacingly. "You can walk out with a limp body, or crawling."

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