Exclusive: Miss Robbie and Tim Reflect on Gun Violence

Season 4 Episode 402
Aired on 11/26/2016 | CC tv-pg
Miss Robbie and her kin, like far too many other African-American families, have had to deal with the unspeakable consequences of gun violence. As they grieve the death of her grandson Andre, the loss stirs up memories of other relatives who were killed in senseless shootings.

In this exclusive video, Miss Robbie and Tim address the problem of violence within the black community. "I wish black men would respect and love each other and stop killing each other," Miss Robbie says. "I think the solution is to teach the rest of your family to love and respect each other, and teach them that they can be something else other than a person in the street with a gun. The one thing about life: Once you take it, you can't give it back."

For Miss Robbie, the bottom line is clear. "All communities have to care about the people who are dying each and every day," she says. "I pray to God that we do. Our futures depend on it."

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