Charles and Robbie

Miss Robbie has reached her wits' end with Lil' Charles' irresponsibility. After a pregnancy scare just a few weeks ago, Charles promised Miss Robbie he'd get his act together. After Charles shows up late to work yet again, Miss Robbie shows zero remorse and shows Charles to the door... for good! She thinks it's time he receive a true wake up call, and this time around there's no more room for second chances.

Watch: After he shows up hours late for work, Miss Robbie decides that Lil' Charles needs some tough love and gives Charles a stern talking to about his promise to be more responsible. Will Miss Robbie give Charles one more chance or will she fire him for good?

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Miss Robbie and Charles

Watch: After Miss Robbie fires Charles, he goes to speak with his aunt and—despite being hurt—tells Robbie that she did the right thing by letting him go. Charles and Robbie share a tearful goodbye. Will this be the push that Lil' Charles needs to finally get his life in order?

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Tim and Slim

Tim's friend Slim has been urging him to get back into the dating scene and explore the St. Louis nightlife. Tim's other friend, Calvin, cautions Tim about jumping back in the game too soon as he thinks Tim still has feelings for Jenae. It's a true dilemma of conscious, but Tim ultimately chooses the devil on his left shoulder and hits the club with Slim. After a rocky start, he quickly realizes that he's not ready to play the dating game just yet.
Sweetie Pie's new car

Since the West Florissant restaurant closed a few weeks ago, Tim has been thinking of new and exciting ways to expand the business. After noticing that many customers don't want to wait in the Mangrove's long restaurant lines, Tim decides to start a delivery service and buys a $5,000 delivery car. The one catch to his master plan is that he won't tell Miss Robbie until the car is ready to go—with a bright red paint job and the Sweetie Pie's logo emblazoned on the sides. Once Tim finally reveals the delivery car to Miss Robbie, she's skeptical about the profitability of a delivery service, even after her financial advisor, Mr. Bussey, weighs in positively. Still needing convincing, Tim takes her on a test delivery run to Robbie's sister Linda's house to see how it works. It's an uphill battle the entire way, but with her major concern that the food won't stay hot, Robbie decides not to fight her son on his new endeavor—but to let him move forward and fail on his own two feet.
Tim and Miss Robbie

Watch: After Tim starts a Sweetie Pie's delivery service, he invites a skeptical Miss Robbie on a test run. Miss Robbie pressures Tim on their entire journey, concerned that the food will get cold and he won't arrive within his 30 minutes time guarantee. When they arrive in 20 minutes with hot food, will Miss Robbie get on board with Tim's newest money-making scheme, or will she need more convincing?

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