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Back in St. Louis, Charles gets good news when he finds out his dog Mia is pregnant! He quickly realizes that delivering puppies will be quite different from delivering mac & cheese, and seeks out a crash course in puppy birthing at the local animal shelter. Confident in his new abilities, Charles now just needs to find somewhere safe and secure for Mia to deliver the pups. Unfortunately, neither Charles' mother, Jan, nor his cousin, Monique, are willing to let Mia give birth at their houses. When Mia goes into early labor, Charles has to find somewhere for Mia to deliver—and fast! Completely out of options, Charles sneaks Mia back into Robbie's vacant townhouse that he and Tim used to live in. The puppies are born without a hitch, and Charles turns out to be a superb birthing assistant. His only worry now, is that Robbie discovers his scheme. And, considering the puppies aren't supposed to be moved for eight weeks, he'd better start working on his excuses now.