Charles and Tim

After getting fired from Upper Crust last week, Charles finds himself down on his luck. A consultation with a career counselor gives Charles hope that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but he still needs a paycheck—and he needs one now! At the same time, Tim is getting ready to launch a delivery service for the restaurant and needs drivers. Charles' unemployment provides a perfect window of opportunity for Tim to help out a family member in need, while also helping his newest business venture get on its feet.

Jenae and Monique decide that Miss Robbie needs to find a man! After Jenae takes Miss Robbie for some fun shopping for a new look, she takes Monique and Robbie's sister, Linda, on a scouting mission to the local watering hole. Sadly, they come up empty-handed, as every man in the place is either too old, too young, or taken. Not one to let a good night go to waste, Miss Robbie decides to go out dancing with the girls instead, declaring that she doesn't need a man to have fun!
Jenae, Monique and Linda

Watch: Jenae, Monique and Miss Robbie's sister, Linda, head to a local bar in hopes of finding a date for Miss Robbie. But when all the men are either too young, too short or too married, will the ladies come up empty-handed?

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Tim and Robbie

Now that he has recruited Charles and Andre to be his drivers, Tim's next problem is getting the word out about the delivery service. He sends Charles and Andre out to paper the neighborhood with flyers, but his real challenge is getting Miss Robbie to do a radio spot with him on a local hip-hop station. At the end of the week, Tim launches the delivery service to good success, and things seem to be looking up for Charles. Miss Robbie is even impressed with Tim's acumen. It can take time for some people to find their groove, but once they do, it's an open door for success!
Robbie and Tim

Watch: Tim takes a reluctant Miss Robbie on a radio show to promote the new Sweetie Pie's delivery service. Still skeptical about the profitability of the to-go service, Tim tells his mother to channel her inner actress and at least pretend she's excited about their newest business venture.

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Andre and Charles

Watch: It's the first official day of Sweetie Pie's delivery service! Tim enlists Charles and Andre to run the to-go service and the two hit the road with hot Sweetie Pie's food in tow. Will the boys be able to deliver the food without killing each other first?

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