Miss Robbie and Jan

With only two weeks to go until West Florissant is scheduled to reopen, Miss Robbie turns her attention to finding a new manager. Ideally she would have her sister Jan, who formerly managed Florissant, take the reigns back and keep it in the family. But Tim feels that Jan would only agree to do it out of a sense of familial obligation. When Robbie speaks to Jan about Tim’s concerns, Jan admits she wouldn't mind some extra help to lesson the burden.
Robbie, Jan and Linda

Watch: Robbie and her sisters watch Tina Turner's interview on Oprah's Next Chapter. Robbie is touched when Tina and Oprah discuss their relationship and is happy to hear Tina's kind words about her and the happy memories they shared.

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Charles at improv class

Charles has an improv showcase coming up in two weeks, and he's getting behind on his monologue. Unfortunately, his rehearsal time is being cut short with the demanding schedule of managing Sweetie Pie's On-The-Go, and Charles asks Tim for some time away from the service. When the delivery car breaks down in the parking lot, however, Tim reminds Charles that it's his responsibility as the manager to get the car repaired, and his acting will have to wait. Will Charles be able to juggle everything, or will he drop the ball?
Charles and Tim

Watch: When Tim refuses to give Charles time off from the delivery service to attend acting classes, Charles angrily quits and walks away. But is Charles really serious about quitting or his dramatic exit a mere acting exercise?

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Robbie and Jan

After weighing her options, Robbie asks her niece Michelle to co-manage with Jan. Tim reminds Robbie that Michelle isn't easy to deal with, and his point is proven immediately when Michelle puts up an attitude during a candid discussion. Stubborn as she is, Miss Robbie arranges a sit down with Jan and Michelle to go over the details, who disagree from the get-go about how West Florissant should be managed. Will Tim be proven right, or will Jan and Michelle be able to work out their differences?
Robbie, Jan, Michelle and Tim

Watch: As Robbie prepares to reopen the West Florissant location, she wants to bring in her niece Michelle to help her sister Jan run the restaurant. But when Tim, Robbie, Michelle and Jan meet for dinner, will Michelle and Jan butt heads before the restaurant even opens?

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