Miss Robbie and Mr. Bussey

With less than a week to go until West Florissant is scheduled to reopen, there's still a lot of work to be done to get it ready for business. But Miss Robbie is optimistic that with a little more elbow grease and some extra pressure from the boss, they'll be able to make the deadline. Tim, however, is less than confident after seeing the unfinished floors and an insufficient steam table, which is crucial to running a successful Sweetie Pie's food line. Things get testy with the construction crew once Mr. Bussey gets involved, and opening West Florissant is suddenly no longer a guarantee.
Robbie and Tim

Watch: After working tirelessly to remodel West Florissant, Robbie admits to Tim that they must delay the original Sweetie Pie's location from reopening. Frustrated about the delay, emotions run high when the mother and son discuss expanding their business into different states. With Tim's heart set on Texas and Robbie more comfortable heading out west to California, will these business partners be able to reach an understanding?

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Charles and acting partner

Lil' Charles is getting nervous for his upcoming acting showcase. Between his duties with the delivery service and dealing with Mia's puppies, Charles is worried that he won't have enough time to rehearse. After seeking advice from Miss Robbie to calm his stage fright, Charles seems to be a no show at the showcase until he arrives at the last minute. All that's left is the performance, including the harsh critics—Miss Robbie and the family—that he will have to face afterwards.
Charles backstage

Watch: Charles is a bundle of nerves as he prepares himself to grace the big stage for his debut acting performance. Robbie, Tim, Jenae and the rest of the family gather at the theater to offer Charles their support. Check out Charles' first scene and monologue.

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By the end of the week, Miss Robbie is faced with the disappointing fact that West Florissant isn't ready for primetime, and she makes the difficult decision to delay the opening. Knowing it was a bad idea in the first place, Tim makes his case that he could have been spending all this time preparing to open a restaurant in Houston! Getting no support from Miss Robbie, Tim reveals his Houston plans to Jenae, whose reaction leaves him speechless and wondering what the next step will have to be.

Watch: As Tim continues with plans to expand Sweetie Pie's in Texas, he invites Jenae to dinner to tell her about his big move. While Jenae offers understanding of Tim's desire to grow his business, she's devastated to hear that he has not taken their son's feelings into consideration.

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