Miss Robbie

With the contracts now signed and sealed, Miss Robbie is ready to begin the renovations at West Florissant. The problem is the deadline for the reopen is only three weeks away, and she's concerned about it being ready in time. To top it off, Robbie is already overwhelmed with trying to write a cookbook and still running the Upper Crust. Tim decides to step up to take some stress off his mother and help oversee the rebuild, but after personally seeing the amount of work that needs to be done, he can't see how it’s possible to get it ready for business on time.
Jenae, lil' Charles and Monique

Watch: Monique tries to convince Jenae and lil' Charles to get tattoos with her, but once they get to the tattoo studio, will they end up going through with it?

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Charles at improv class

Meanwhile, Jenae and Monique urge Charles to look into acting classes and finally pursue his dream of being an actor. He is all for the idea, except for one little problem: his stage fright. Once at his first improv class, Charles is easily singled out as the least experienced person there. Just when he starts to get comfortable, however, the instructor informs the class that there will be a showcase for family and friends as a final test. His worst fears have come true...Miss Robbie and the family will end up being his first critics.
Charles and Michelle

Watch: Charles gets serious about acting, and decides to take an improv class. His first homework lesson is to shadow someone to study and imitate their behavior. He decides to follow Michelle, a cook at Sweetie Pie's, around, but will he be able to play the part in front of his classmates?

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Jenae at day care

At the same time, Jenae is starting to think of putting TJ in daycare and is unsure if it’s the right time. Although everyone is very encouraging, explaining that he needs to be around kids instead of spending all of his time with adults, Jenae is reluctant to let TJ go. After a careful search for the right school for TJ, the first day of school and Jenae's first drop-off is finally here. She gathers all her emotional strength for what she's sure will be a traumatic experience for everyone involved.

Watch: Jenae finally decides that TJ should start interacting with children his own age and enrolls him in day care. Will she survive his first day, or will she continue to be overly protective of her little boy?

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