Jenae and Tim

TJ's second birthday is right around the corner, and Jenae decides that means two birthday parties! Tim isn't so sure that is the best idea, saying one party is more than enough for a two-year-old. Jenae compromises on having one birthday party for TJ, and now the question remains of whether Tim will show up on time this year. He redeems himself with flying colors and even takes TJ for a fresh new haircut beforehand. But this time, someone else is late...and Tim makes sure to rub it in.
TJ's party

Watch: It's baby TJ's second birthday and Tim and Jenae have planned a big party for the occasion. The whole family shows up to celebrate TJ's big day but they're missing one very important person—Miss Robbie!

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Miss Robbie with Charles

While Jenae plans the birthday party, Miss Robbie and Tim receive great news: HarperCollins wants to publish their cookbook! Now it's up to Miss Robbie to begin compiling recipes and anecdotes. The only problem is, she's all thumbs when it comes to using the computer, and she starts making calls around to the family for help. Finally, Lil' Charles comes over to give Miss Robbie a computer tutorial. He quickly realizes that it would just be faster and easier to type out her recipes himself, and settles in to work.
Charles and Robbie

Watch: It's time for Miss Robbie to start compiling the recipes for her cookbook, but when it comes to typing it all up on the computer, Miss Robbie is at a loss. She enlists Lil' Charles for a crash course in computer literacy, but can he teach his 73-year-old auntie to use the computer?

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Robbie and Tim

Tim has become preoccupied with planning a music video for the "Do the Sweetie Pie!" song he wrote for Miss Robbie for her birthday party. He wants to pull out all the stops, and hires a full crew and dance team to make sure this video is a hit! The whole family gets involved dancing along and Tim manages to pull it off without a hitch. The music video is revealed during Sweetie Pie's lunch rush and, much to the delight of Miss Robbie, he finally did something right!

Watch: Tim, Miss Robbie and the rest of the Sweetie Pie's gang are ready to shoot Miss Robbie's very first video. A timid Mis Robbie is a bundle of nerves but when Charles and Robbie's sisters get in on the dancing, she begins to let loose and enjoy herself.

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