Tim shopping

Now that Tim and Jenae are officially separated, Tim would like to spend more one-on-one time with their son, TJ. Jenae, however, is reluctant over concerns that his new apartment isn't baby safe. He takes her words seriously and begins setting up a bedroom for TJ and locking cabinets, and even calls Miss Robbie over for the grandmother's approval. Unfortunately, a little baby proofing just isn't enough to gain Jenae's trust, and she cancels on Tim at the last-minute...much to his disappointment.

Watch: Tim misses his son and wants TJ to spend time at his new apartment. Jenae is concerned that Tim isn't prepared for TJ, especially after he reveals that his new bachelor pad isn't yet baby-proofed.

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While Tim is elbow deep in getting his place ready for a possible weekend with his son, Miss Robbie throws him for a loop by sending her grandson, Andre, to spend the day with Tim to learn the family business. They start at the restaurant depot where Andre helps load the truck with fresh supplies before continuing on to the Upper Crust. Ike and the crew show him the ropes of working the food line, and the kitchen and janitorial duties, all while busting his chops the entire time. Miss Robbie isn't quite ready to hand the reigns over to Andre just yet, but is impressed enough to promise him a spot in the business if—and when—he graduates high school.
Andre and Tim

Watch: Andre accompanies Tim to the restaurant depot to get supplies for Sweetie Pie's. Tim gives Andre a bit of a hard time, but will he end up being encouraging to Andre's desire to be a part of the family business?

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Meanwhile, Charles shocks the entire family by announcing his ex-girlfriend is pregnant! Charles is extremely nervous at first, but eventually becomes giddy about being a father. On the other hand, Miss Robbie is not happy at all: How could Charles take financial care of a baby when he can't even pay his own bills? When news gets out that the pregnancy was a false alarm, Miss Robbie is relieved but realizes this was a wake up call for her as well. She can't keep enabling Charles' irresponsibility, and at some point he's got to stand on his own two feet. Will Charles finally take Miss Robbie's advice and wisdom seriously?
Lil' Charles paitining

Watch: Tim invites Charles over to help paint TJ's new bedroom and takes the opportunity to talk to Charles about his possible foray into parenting. Tim warns Charles about the difficulties of being a single parent and urges him to prepare himself, but will Charles take his advice seriously?

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