Miss Robbie, Tim, Jenae, TJ and Lil' Charles

On the Summer Season premiere of Welcome to Sweetie Pie's, Miss Robbie wrestles with the decision to close down her very first restaurant, West Florissant. Tim and Jenae struggle with their emotions around their separation. And never to be outdone, Lil' Charles' continued shenanigans cause Tim to regret letting him move in. (Yep, Lil' Charles and Tim are roommates).

And that's just in the first episode! Click through these behind the scenes photos and animated gifs to see what other big questions we can't wait to see play out on this season of Sweetie Pie's.
Miss Robbie

Miss Robbie's still the boss, right?
Everyone knows that this mama is always in charge...whether it's one of her three Sweetie Pie's locations, or her large family, of course Miss Robbie Montgomery is still at the helm of everything, even at 72 years young! But, will she decide to close her other Sweetie Pie's locations for good so that she can focus on her life-long dream... The Upper Crust?
Tim and Jenae

Will Tim and Jenae finally work it out?
The season opener starts with Tim and Jenae dealing with their emotional separation. But will these loving co-parents of baby TJ finally find a way to be on-again? Or, will they be off-again once and for all?
Lil' Charles

Will Lil' Charles get his act together?
No matter what Lil' Charles is doing, he has fun doing it. The season opens with Lil' Charles living with Tim, after being kicked out of his other family members' homes. Will Charles drive Tim crazy or will Tim endure his antics?
Tim and TJ

Can you guess who decided on TJ's new haircut?
Ok, that's kind of a trick question. You can probably guess who decided on baby TJ's stylin' new haircut, and TJ is growing, getting stronger and more adorable by the minute!
Tim and Miss Robbie

Will Miss Robbie and ever Tim stop bickering?
NEVER! Tim told us himself that his fighting with his mother "keeps her on her toes" and that's what has kept her going all these years. Whatever they do, at the end of the day this mother and son always end up where they started... full of love and passion for what they do. You may even see them collaborate together on more than just food this season!

Watch the first 5 minutes from the Summer Season premiere of Sweetie Pie's right here and tune in for the full episode on premiere night Saturday, July 27th at 10/9c!