Why Oprah Calls Amy Schumer a "Warrior Woman"

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Amy Schumer is more than funny. She's a "modern-day warrior woman," Oprah says.

The comedian/actress has made great progress by sharing a body-positive message in her stand-up act, TV show and movies. Her new romantic comedy, I Feel Pretty, has generated conversation on the topic. "You have actually changed the way so many women perceive themselves and their lives," Oprah tells Amy. "You have done that through your work, through your art, through yourself."

Amy holds back the tears. "I will cry 90 seconds into this interview, so don't worry about that," the comic says.

Amy goes on to explain that her comedy led her to an unrealized opportunity to be a voice for women. "I didn't set out to do that at first. I just wanted to perform and make people laugh, and then I realized people are paying attention," Amy says.

It's a positive agenda that she and Oprah share. "I think that's all we both want for women is for them to get out of their own way and have the tools to live up to their full potential [and] not let anything hold them back."

Listen to the full conversation on a new episode of Oprah's Super Soul Conversations podcast, available on on Monday, April 23.