Why Women of Color Thank Mindy Kaling for Her TV Love Life

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Actress, comedian and writer Mindy Kaling tells Oprah that when she was playing Kelly Kapoor on The Office, it occurred to her that there were no other women who looked like her on TV. She went on to create The Mindy Project, the groundbreaking series that showcased the love life of its eponymous lead, a woman of South Asian descent.

In the above video, Mindy says she is proud to have created and starred in a TV show where women of color could see one of their own having a "dynamic, fun love life" for once. "It was very transformative for me to be able to not only be the lead in something, which was surprising enough," Mindy says, "but to also represent a group of people that had largely been left out of being able to show and express romantic love on television."

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